Join today! "Real People, Real Scenarios."

Still here. Join us today! Patrols with around 20 people every day!

Currently working on an entire livery rework for both PD and Sheriff! Join today to see these amazing liveries!

PD liveries are coming along nicely. We can’t wait to release them!

Hmm sounds and looks cool might join :gem:

Awesome! We’ll see you on the server then! :wink:

PD’s new liveries releasing Monday!

Only one day left! We’re so excited!

Fairmount METRO Police Department will be unveiled in just a few hours! We’re stoked!

The PD reveal went AWESOME! I guess I have a bunch of pictures to replace now, haha. Nonetheless, here’s a pic of one of the new FAIRMOUNT METRO POLICE cars!

San Andreas Fire Brigade decided to bring some vehicles down to the beach for some photos during the cosmo star event the other night.

We’re still having amazing patrols every single day, why not be the next recruit? Join our Discord!

We’re still having patrols every single day! Join us!