Join Awaken Role-Play Today! {Serious Role-play}{Active Staff}{Active Development}{Private Custom Scripts}{Fire Clothes}{Drug Addiction}{100% Custom Heist Only Available in Awaken}{Season 3 Soon}{Starter Pack}

Welcome to Awaken Role-play. Awaken is a serious role play server that is preparing for its season 3 launch. We are actively looking for more community members to join in on the fun. We offer a very welcoming community that is Danny free with a top tier anti cheat and active staff. There are many things to do in Awaken on both sides of criminal and civilian. Custom drugs, gangs, and weapons but we also have leisure activities as well for those looking for a non criminal life. We also ensure that you can acquire things such as imports, pets and houses without having to spend money. A small group (30-40) of passionate role players looking to grow a community that everyone can enjoy and not feel they are going to be robbed in seconds, vdm’d by bald guys or have to deal with modders. We hope you take the time to try out the city.

Awaken is all about the community it fosters. Actively taking input from our citizens and usually implementing them rather quickly. Our staff team spreads across many time zones from NA to UK even Australia. There is almost always a staff member available to assist you if you would need. We care about the protection of our players so we invest in Phoenix Anti Cheat which is one of the top end defenses available to Fivem when it comes to effectively catching modders while not jeopardizing our normal day to day life of civilians. Our development is done by the owners and our veteran Sheen. We have many hand written scripts that are not in any other cities. Yes we have custom heist but the attention to detail matters. Even the small things such as going to a vending machine, garbing a soda and drinking it, then just tossing it to the side. You’ll have to fly in and see what all Fivem can be.

Let’s talk about moving in. We understand how hard it is to just uproot and move homes, leaving behind cherished assets. To assist with the loss we extend a refugee package to new players. This package would include a bonus starter cash of $100,000 and the choice between 1 of 3 imports. We have a fan favorite 2021 Charger, a beefy Range Rover and a sleek Audi to choose from. To claim this package fly into the city, create your new character then simply open a ticket and ask for the refugee package.

Now that you’re moving in, lets go over what all the city has to offer. White listed jobs that are actively hiring. Some with sign on bonuses. Gangs are free to choose from gta lore gangs or make their own custom gang with provided backstory. 15 custom drugs with 5-6 more coming in season 3. Let’s fire through a list and speed things up for you all.

:heavy_dollar_sign: White-listed Jobs = 15+ white listed jobs such as pd, ems, doj, ammu, real estate, vu, galaxy, mech etc. Self serve jobs = Train driver, Hotdog stand, Taxi, Truck & Garbage.

:basketball: Leisure activities = Pets, Basketball, Mini golf, Billiards, Bowling, Arcade, Diving, Racing, Bike Tricks, Pokemon Cards, Metal Detecting, Roller-skating, Skateboards, Farming & Dice

:game_die: Illegal activity = Humane heist exclusive, Custom heist, Banks, Jewelry, Vault, House & Store robberies, Grave robbery, Jailbreak, Trap house, Crafting guns, Custom Chop Shop

:church: Real estate = Over 100+ shells to choose from with full decoration for interior or exterior

:syringe: Drugs = 15+ drugs with custom effects, animations and visuals with more to come soon.

:racing_car: Vehicles = Over 500+ vehicles in the city ranging from cars, bikes, drifts, planes, heli’s, boats, 4 wheelers, go karts and much much more

:running_man: Clothes = 15,000+ assets in clothing for his/her/they to choose from. New clothes added often.


Sounds absolutely lit


City is amazing with lots to do, always updating stuff and great owners and staff


This city really sounds amazing. Cant wait to fly in and check it out.


:rabbit2:Awaken wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend. Enjoy time with friends and loved ones and be sure to drive safe if you are traveling.

Starting tonight after restart and running until Monday night there will be eggs scattered around Legion Square. Find assorted items in these eggs that reset every tsunami. :egg:

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New updates and upvotes in 3 weeks, Claim your starter pack before its gone.

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:fire: New Season 3 Update Now Live! Applying 1000 Server Boost Tonight!

Quality of Life Improvements
:desktop_computer: Interactive Load Screen
This new load screen allows us to add pictures & Videos of our cities civilians for those to watch while they fly in. This also allows us to post patch notes and changes right on the screen for everyone to keep up to date.
:shopping: Clothing
Do we have a ton of new clothing? An astronomically sized clothing pack for everyone to enjoy. Over 25,000 assets.
:racing_car: New Cars
200+ imports added to the city ranging from drift to muscle to Jdm and bikes. Of-coarse you know we had to update luxury for you all. New cars added to every class in luxury motors.
:ferris_wheel: Luna Park
New ride-able Ferris wheel, boom drop and roller coaster. Play boardwalk minigames like bang the beaver, balloon darts and much more. Great for couples on their date nights!
:smoking: Redwood Tobacco
New Redwood job added to city hall. Harvest tobacco plants and roll/pack cigarettes’ to sell to players or to the company. Yes, you can smoke them.
:camping: Camping
Go to the mountains and prop up your tent and chairs. Furthering expanding on our hunting and other outdoor activities we have to offer.
:weight_lifting_man: Gym
Head down to the beach and pick yourself up a membership card. Then you can pain and gain like Marky Mark!
:joystick: Cyber Bar
Galaxy’s Greatness moved to cyber bar now! Come enjoy all the drinks you love at a new location. While there enjoy the arcade with all the classics you remember.

Law Enforcement Services
:oncoming_police_car: Police Vehicles
New fleet of vehicles with our own Awaken Unified Police Department liveries.
:goal_net: Pursuit Grappler
New mounting grappler for 2 of our new police vehicles. This grappler is has a 10 meter range and will lock up a tire quick.
:people_wrestling: Police Tackle
Now in foot chases police can tackle you to the ground if they get to close.
:guide_dog: Custom K9
It’s time to grow a bond with mans best friend. This in depth k9 script will introduce a new wave into the k9 world. Complete with leveling system. Name your pet, play fetch, mount a camera and more. Remember to keep you dog feed and happy and it will follow your every command.

Emergency Health Services
:heartbeat: Ems Stretcher
New interactive menu to position multiple ways on the stretcher to further your immersion.
:ambulance: Ems Vehicles
2 new ambulances that you can load the new stretcher into fully sync’d. Place players in the back and transport them to the local hospital.
:wheelchair: Ems Wheelchair
An addition to our crutch script. Now if players are completely mangled doctors can place you in a wheelchair for a duration of time.
:pill: New Props
Now in your ems work function “F1” you can access new props with animations to further immerse yourself as you are out there saving civilian lives.

Criminal Activity
:syringe: New Drugs
7 New drugs with all new screen effects addiction rates. Acquire x-pills, steroids, molly, ketamine, angel dust and bath salts. All of these drugs are priced and ready to sell to the addicts of the city.
:hammer_and_wrench: Crafting Update
New recipes added to the current crafting system. Now craft blow torches, new guns and new attachments. Maybe even some other cool toys. Grind that level to find out.
:gun: Gun Work
New illegal weapons added. Acquire the pistol 50, Molotov cocktails and tommy guns. Old illegal weapons now sold at ammunation and are now legal carry with proper licensing.
:house_with_garden: House Robbery
Entire new custom script written for robbing houses. Now each time you steal from a house you will gain robbery experience. Level up your robbery skill to get into bigger better houses. Each tier of housing will have new loot available for you to get your paws on. Be sure to be quiet though, as there’s a dog in the house that’s looking to eat that ass! Travel through carefully and you shall prosper.
:bank: Bank Robbery
New custom script written for robbing banks. New Hack system and animations that’s fully functional and synced. Steal Cash or Gold bars and make your escape!
:gem: Jewelry Heist
You guessed it! Custom written jewelry heist complete with guards, animations and new hacks. Smash through the glass taking expensive jewelry and make your escape.
:european_castle: Pacific Bank
This new custom heist is now a 6 cop multi hack fully animated beast! complete with guards, cutscenes, new animations, hacks and explosions. Disarm the lasers and blow open the door to take what’s yours. Be careful as the guards are not packing pistols and don’t play around.
:boom: Zancudo Tower
New Hostile Heist! Explode, hack and shoot your way through armed military guards in our new custom 4 cop required heist. Top tier loot comes from these types of heist so with great risk comes great reward. Don’t sleep on the guards as these are not your standard store clerks. These are trained military shooters that will dome your shit quick. tactically move through with friends to reap the rewards.
:bomb: Humane Heist Update
Still the mutli-explosion mass shoot out we all know and love but with a new hack and cutscene added to the end to get an item that will be extremely useful soon enough. If you are unfamiliar with our custom Humane Heist, let me introduce you to hell. This 40+ guard multi peak raid will have you questioning your shooter skills. Tactically move up the parking lot and through the labs. Inside is a rogue government facility running illegal fire arms only obtainable there. These heavily armed men protect shipments of ap pistols to carbine rifles. they do not plan on going down easy. Bring meds, armor and your shit stompin boots because its going to be a battle!


1k boost applied, welcome package for new players “100k cash and a choice between 1 of 3 cars”

Event : Punch Tag
Date : Tonight at 11pm est
Location : Maze bank arena
Rules : No tag backs, No crying, No consumables, no weapons
Prize : 1st place an import of your choosing, 2nd place $500,000.
Sponsor : Mech shop


amazing city with custom heists, lots to see and do, I would highly suggest you tap in and check it out


Amazing city. Love the commuity here. :heart:

  1. New public test Landscaper job
  • get assigned a location
  • spawns truck bed with mounted mower
  • drop trailer door, unhinge mower and get that grass
  • leaf blow the sidewalks clean
  • water plants and flowers
  • skim pools


May 16, 2023


:racing_car:Go Kart Grand Prix​:racing_car:
Date - 5/20/23
Time - 11pm Est, 4 hours after restart
Prize - 1st place : Import voucher or the kart, 2nd place : Neon Laptop or the kart

Awakens first Go Kart Grand Prix. Race around the city bouncing off your competition attempting to be the first to complete 2 laps. Race map will be posted on Saturday!

Rules -
1 - contact ok
2 - no weapons
3 - no crying
4 - registered vehicles only “kart”


City is down right amazing the staff is quick with their responses, all 3 owners are very active with the community.


:tada: new emote update :sparkles:
new search function
new prop emotes
new dance emotes
new shared emotes
new custom props and items coming soon
we now have over 1400+ emotes to use.


{Change Logs}

  • Ammunation material vendor, now sell mats to ammu without needing a worker. all items sold are deposited into ammu’s stash
  • inventory is now scrollable while holding items
  • new cuffing installed, handcuffs will now be consumed from inventory when used, police will have a key to unlock and get them back, civs will need to use bolt cutters and cuffs will be destroyed
  • Catcafe Update, some new models on food items

If you are interested in tons of activities and custom heists and events then look no further, Definitely not your cookie cutter server


This is definitely the server you want to be in. My favourite part is all the custom scripts that you won’t find elsewhere - definitely way above the standard you find everywhere else.


:icecream:new food items :lollipop:
Lollipops 10x
Icecream cones 8x
Now being added in stores and at catcafe

Some Shared emotes now allow movement
Ems Revive animation now more realistic
pressing g while on your side will now auto call /help ai doc if no ems are online
fingerprint detection added to shop robbery, will be next restart.
civ mech pads around the city repair cost reduced
emergency vehicles now no longer charge for repairs
ammu crafting job restriction function working properly now


Looking to become staff? Looking to join a growing community? We are actively looking for active staff members and committed community members to help grow. We have many custom scripts that are no where else. We run on the latest frameworks for ensure smooth playability. If you are interested join the discord and fill out an application. Discord


Awaken Police Department is always hiring.
$300,000 sign on bonus after cadetship
In depth MDT
Custom k9 script that surpasses all others
Car grapplers
Police tackle
So much more, come find out in our city. Welcome to new and seasoned players.