💼 Jobs Creator 7.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

Would it be possible to add the fact that the job menu can be used with RageUI and that notifications can be used with the different scripts most often used, such as vms_notify, okoknotify, etc.?
and would it be possible to make it so that in the job menu you can make renfore requests and this will send a notification and add a blip to the map and you can make different renfore requests.
small = green
medium = orange
urgent = red

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Hey, you can already replace any notification with the use of documentation

Is it possible to impletment 2 new Features into the Jobcreator?

1 - Storage rights:
You can use the boss menu to set the authorization to swap and store separately (e.g.: Rank 1 can only store items and Weapons, Same goes for the job money in the Boss menu)

or that only one person with the job has permission to outsource)

That would be e.g. important for the LSPD

2 - Storage:
That items and weapons are listed in the same storage as 2 different points or generally just one warehouse where everything goes?

Option Number 1:
1 Storage in the Creator:
Everything in one storage (items, weapons)

Option 2:
1 Storage in the Creator:
Sub-Menu 1
Store Item
Sub-Menu 2
Store Weapon
Sub-Menu 3
Item out of Storage
Sub-Menu 4
Weapon out of Storage

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Hey it is Possible that i can put an Header to the Job with esx_menu_default is this Combatible with the Job Creator?

I have a suggestion for the Job Creator.

Maybe a feature that you can give the job a Limit for the Workers.
For Example.

Police = Limit is 35 Worker
Bloods =Limit is 20 Worker

When the feature is in the job creator, it needs an export.


I require it for example for my black market when you hold the market for 3 days I want that you can have 2 more space for your fraction.

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For me, by far the best scripts when it comes to creators. Scripts that work without problems and 100%. No why, why, why! Jaksam knows exactly what he is doing and has his systems fully under control.
:fire:Thanks :fire:

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m very happy you like my scripts and they can help you :grin:

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Hello jaksam I have a another suggestion.
Maybe that you can set true or false for member storages that means every member from the fraction had his own storage for his self.
Good when you can set it on true or false in settings.

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Hello, is it possible to insert, so that we can put the ranks according to each outfit and not the wardrobe? For example, a police officer only has access to officer uniforms, etc.

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Jobs Creator 7.10.2

  • Solved an issue related to duty status

Hello/Good evening,

I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the Job Creator script. When setting up a gathering, processing, or selling point, it would be incredibly useful to have an option in the creation menu that allows us to make the point activatable within a specific zone radius. For example, if I’m within 10 meters of my designated area, I could start gathering. This feature would greatly enhance the user experience by adding an element of spatial awareness and realism to the tasks. Thank you for considering my suggestion, and I hope I’ve made my idea clear.

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Good Morning, Everyone.

I’d like to make a suggestion regarding the Job Creator script.
When setting up the Job’s you should be able to choose the animation that it use, when making a job for the Public like “Picking Oranges” u can chose the animation u want to have because rn u collect them from the ground and i like to have them collect them from the tree.

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Great update, would be nice if the translations were not only added to English, but also to the other language packs, at least in English. Thx a lot!

@jaksam1074 I was so free:
de.json (28.1 KB)
de.lua (23.5 KB)

Hope to support origin_inventory

I’m using qbcore when I go to try and create the marker for shop to sell items and the part when you can search for items I thought in your video it shows we can type the name of the item and it will pop up but when I search nothing pops up so how would I add my items in the shop?

@jaksam1074 hope u can add on intergrations option to put our custom TEXT UI etc! <3

If you are using ESX you can just modify the textui triggers in your framework to trigger yours because jobscreator triggers the esx textui functions

Its about qbcore…

Can you make a config so that only if its on you can invite person in the job via bossmenü because I have a custom invite Script

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QUESTION: Place Vehiclegarage works fine, get vehicle also, but get in garage back not. All Time :confused: @jaksam1074 what i did wrong?

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