💼 Jobs Creator 7.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

client/actions/actions.lua is open and editable, so you can already do it if you want (for “job actions”)

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I think it would make sense, since there is a tutorial now, that you can select the language directly before the tutorial and the tutorial is then translated accordingly.

Same here, anny fix already ?

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There isn’t a fix, because it’s not a jobs creator issue. If you replace Jobs Creator default stash, jobs creator will not be able to handle the inventory logs

I want to suggest an update that includes multijob or another script of multijob supporting it, I have this script but I really need multijob, best script btw!!

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Jobs Creator 7.3

  • Improved auto finder for scripts (illenium, inventories, etc.)
  • Added note for targeting that a marker must have a ped or an object
  • Tables can have only 5 entries if you wish to
  • Corrected a french translation that blocked all logs
  • Moved default_config.json (you didn’t have to touch it anyway)
  • Moved “take from car” action on vehicles instead of on player for targeting
  • Improved nexus table, now it will show the total votes and a part of the description

For the ox_target have the opportunity to choose an item already in a mapping / or on the place because adding an item is not necessarily crazy.

Have the ability to choose if it’s a gang, or make a gang creator.

To avoid touching the script directly in the job creator, be able to choose the invoice script etc.

Hello, it is a really nice script, but a cheezah Inventory implemantation for stashes, etc. would be relly nice! :slight_smile:

Suggestion : Make it more a GTA HUB like, business, companies, scoreboard… You know.

is so good

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it :heart:

The new UI lools impessive!

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Is it better than it was at 5.0 ? Not gonna lie i liked it a lot, been using it since mid 2021 but the fact that it had no target compatibility threw us off directly. Sounds like it got nice updates since then tho.

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Jaksam added images to the OP, you can check it out ^^

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Great Script 5/5, love the new ui and Target integration! I do have a question/ suggestion, is it possible to edit the firing portion of job creator? We use a multijob system and while it successfully kicks them off the job they can just go back into the multi-job system and get back on.

I have read the docs but could not figure out a way to do so. I do have a theory on what would work using the integrations on server side if they were added in the main script.

RegisterNetEvent("jobs_creator:boss:fired", function(source, targetsource, job)
-- add your own code or in my case
TriggerEvent('cs:multijob:removeJob', targetsource, job)

Also just incase in terms of promoting or hiring

RegisterNetEvent("jobs_creator:boss:addjob", function(source, targetsource, job, rank)
-- add your own code or in my case
TriggerEvent('cs:multijob:addJob', targetsource, job, rank)

Last suggestion would be for being able to change discord logs to ox_lib logging to datadog or maybe again just do a integration to override discord logs so its up to us to do the work. example of how i think (which obviously is thinking with out knowing a damn thing about editing and maintaining extremely large code) it could work like this

RegisterNetEvent("jobs_creator:framework:ready", function() 
    -- Disables the default script notification (otherwise there would be 2 notifications)

RegisterNetEvent("jobs_creator:loggs", function(webhook, webhooktype, msg, title, data)
    if webhooktype == "Armory" then
          lib.logger(source, title or "Job Creator - Armory", message, data)

I thought it was best to show above code even tho it prob wont work to better explain what would be awesome to see in jobcreator. Thank you for the amazing script!

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Hi, I’m very glad you like the script!!

For the firing part, jobs creator will set the new job through your framework functions, so you probably need to edit them

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Appreciate the info, Do you use the export in QB-core (addjob/removejob exports) or QBManagment? I tried adding debug prints to both but they are not showing up in console. I can see in the QB_Managment being selected but when I do firing it does not seem to trigger any debug prints or do anything in the event like notify the player who got fired.

EDIT: tried clearing cache and server restart if you prefer I can make a thread about this instead.

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The method to set the job is used, so not add/remove job but set job

me sale error conexión fallida

Hello. Would it be possible to have fun with you, about minor adjustments?

There are things I think could be done because it’s quite annoying when it works differently than it should :slight_smile: