💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

Hello, could you add to the jobs creator the option that in vehicle spawns they can bring a default modification placed by the one who created the marker?

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Suggestion, Could you configure it to the police job a little better? Like allow new jobs created to jail people, unjail people, etc? and also add a feature where we could add a blip for a building? like a police station, or a hospital?

I love the script but just wish it had a few more options.

Queen P.
Oasis RP

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Hi, I help a friend with his server and get the following error. At the job store you can buy the items normally, you can see at bandage but when I want to buy a weapon it comes up, weapon_pistol. What should actually stand pistol.

In the console comes the error.


Thanks in advance, hope you can help me further.
I changed es_extenden, changed the inventory and updated the server, but it still doesn’t work. Otherwise everywhere you can buy weapons which does not go through the job creator.

yes its encrypted… I dont know why he claimed its open source but I cant edit it…

What? When did I claim it was open source?

First, thx a lot Jaksam for your script, it’s soooo cool :slight_smile:

I just have one frustration and I hope you’ll be able to add it in your next update! Two ideas:

  1. Have the possibility of creating a multiple process. Until now, we can only create a simple process, one item gives another item. We’d like to be able to create a process that gives several items in exchange for one.
    For example, I go to the smelter to melt a block of stone, and I get iron, copper and coal with associated probabilities.

  2. To be able to set up a processing point which, when you interact with the pnj, opens a menu and lets you choose what you want to process.
    For example, I’m carrying iron and copper. I go to the processing point and the pnj suggests either making iron ingots or copper ingots.
    Today, to do this, we need to set up 2 processing points.

Thanks again and I hope you’ll make these additions soon!

ive been loving this script so far but i would love if it had simple interaction points that after completing the action just paid a little money to either the bank account of the person or the cash account. for example, you could add them through the job markers menu and select the marker type, coords, what animation you want the action to play, how long you would like the progress bar to last, if you want to attach any props and the prop offset, how much you want the action to pay and to which account. I feel like there would be alot more job possibilities with this feature.

Very peculiar because I can’t, after all XD

updates like this

  • Ability to set the boss menu, with your own system

  • Ability to set up the dressing room, with your own system

  • Possibility of using custom markers, inserting a special .ytd where you can insert your own markers

  • Customizable vehicle purchase integration

  • Add the possibility that when you purchase (buy) work from the shop, you deduct the money from the company account.

I would love it to have option to use 3rd eye too, a lot of people are going 3rd eye as its more optimized.

I love the script!

Would be very nice if it also track the “Onduty Time” of every Player!

Best Regards


yea would be really nice! :star_struck:

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Which esx version is this for i just want to know before i buy

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For admins or in boss menu?

I recommend the latest one, but it should be fine with older esx as well

by latest one you mean esx legacy right?

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Yes, ESX legacy 1.9.4 should be the latest

ok thank you

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I would say admins, boss menu would be also cool. But in my opinion i would need it from an administrative perspective. The Total onhour duty all time :smiley:

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Hello, my job2 appear in the menu, I can create points but I don’t have access to them, could you tell me why please?