💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

It would be a good suggestion to add the qb-target, a store with the inventory you have and a car store with 3D vision, both civilians and workers, being able to change the option of pressing E to interact with the qb-core, good day and 10/100 I love it.

Love all your scripts! Can I recommend an added extra to jobs creator garages?

Rather than need to add multiple markers to restrict vehicles to certain grade that in the section below you add a “minimum grade”?

Thank you in advance :smiley:

I use this script now for a while and it is really great but i have a few suggestions to even improve it

For job garages it would be nice to have the option that the society gets the money and also what would be nice to restroct how much cars of each a player can buy or that the vehicles will be payed from the society

what also would be nice is some sort of headbag which you can put over peoples had or remove it integraded in job action menu. so the person with the bag on can see nothing. (for gangs)

and that teleport points have the option to set the heading when you get teleported

and if a player is off duty that you can change the job of the person to “off duty mechanic (other job name)” or just offduty

maybe integration option for bcs_licensemanager would be nice as well (Bagus Code Studio)

Hey @jaksam1074,

first of all we really like your scripts, we use them daily and a server without them just wouldnt be worth doing.
But i do have a suggestion/bug for jobcreators temporary garage:
Maybe you could/should add the possibility to set a pearleffect for vehicles.
The problem right now is that some vehicles spawn with random pearleffect on them (eg. jugular sometimes spawns with green,blue,orange,red,yellow pearleffect) and that looks really weird and is somewhat not useable for RP :smiley:

looking forward to hear from you soon

Best regards,


It would be nice for the on/off Duty Point that you can select a job which will give to the Player when he goes off Duty and that when he goes aduty again he has his old Job back (could be made with different Jobgrades in the offduty Job)

so if ive purchased a plugin and it comes “garbled” like this, how do i edit it? (adding or removing jobs, drugs, etc.)

Hello, I suggest watching the showcase video :+1:

I have a question, can you do that you can use ped as clothing at Jobs Creator ?

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Would be nice to have the option to add other licenses in a own category. So it has drive,weapon and others

what a wonderful script!!! oh my… you can see in the video that the script is great but when you use this… its really well done and works flawless… thanks for creating this!

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Script is good and everything, but the support is terrible. If you have any Problems the support Team wont help you and says it is your own responsibility

Hello, what issue are you referring to?

Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it :grin:

That is the crash i had. I took the jobcrator out of my autostart and the fault was gone. I just asked if that crash is known so i can work with something, I just got told off and got told that it has nothing to do with the jobcreator, because the crash doesnt show “Jobcreator” or anything like that. At this time I think I know what might have caused this crash, so np. The thing is other Developers are much more helpfull when having problems with any products from them.

What’s your Discord nickname? @Active_Cleaver

Very nice script, it would be very nice when there is a option for the job menu like police props

-Make works with component clothes(compatible with fivem-appeareance)

Many people is using this, so you should make a version for those who use fivem-appearance, we really need it.

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suggestion: create an option on temporary vehicles garage to set if the car will spawn with full tuning

is possible to change the marker with a custom marker? like a logo of the server.

Hello you make good scripts it would be good if you added a option to order items to pickup and also have a option to deliver items.