💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

:face_in_clouds: Feature request:
temporary disable specific markers and enable when needed, same with jobs or at least job menu.

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Do you mean an export to disable them?

I just need to disable these temporary, if I don’t need that marker to be available for some time, for various possible reasons that could happen in roleplay.

Basically anything would be cool which would allow me to disable it and enable later, instead of deleting it and creating everything from 0 again. :+1:

hi jaksam, is there a possbility to create multiple jobs. For example : a PD officer wants to have second business, and decides to open a bike shop. can i give him both jobs with the jobs creator? an can he than swap in between the jobs?

hello could you add in the job configuration an option to configure the job key that each job and the possibility of configuring 1 different job key? example ambulance f6, lspd f7

Can you make the Creator work with illenium-appearance please…

suggestion : add buckets to teleports

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Hi jaksam, can you make an Option for multy Jobs,
Option for jail
And Option for custom Trigger for Jobs!

it would be nice to enable the target for the various markers

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I would have the following suggestions for the Jobcreator:

If a vehicle has paint jobs that can be selected with which it should be spawned.

If vehicles have extras that you can select which they should have when spawning

hope you understand what I mean, looking forward to a reaction :slight_smile:

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I’m using Jobs Creator 5.14, and I’m not able to find the marker for Armories. I’m attempting to setup some markers for my new leo departments and can’t find this item. I’m also wondering if I can make a marker for fingerprinting?

Why is the menu_default file in ESX, I need QBCore… We are looking toward buy the whole bundle, right now we’re trying the job creator but menu are not showing in game I went into the file and it’s all in ESX but we really need it to be QBCore.

How did you get the vehicle names i dont have that option

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Vehicles names come from the vehicle script

I would appreciate it if the point under settings “F6 can also be used outside of work” is listed under the individual jobs and not under the main settings. Because it applies to ALL jobs, which is not necessarily a good thing.