💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

Update 5.10

  • Added a new server side export to set the state of player handcuffs in the documentation

Maybe you could do, if you search somebody that the stuff, the player has, is sorted. Maybe first you get shown the weapons, the player has and then the other Items the player has with him

Could you make for the Action Menu for a Job, that u can make it, so u can place objects, like a nail tape or a barricade. I would appreciate it, because it would be nice for police jobs or something like that



  • An option to add a Heading/direction
  • Multistory Support, so u can one point to Different Floors

An option To change Standard Values:

  • Marker Type
  • Marker Scale (x,y,z)
  • Maker Color (R,G,B)
  • Marker Offset
    ↳(So when u press Current Cords, It automatically ads x amount to the z
    Value, for example +0.1 so some maker doesn’t glitch in the Floor)

Can someone help me with this its in any blip like armory and vehicles its shows up

Hello, you probably have to update the script

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Is there a fix, that you can take weapons out of a storage or weaponshop, when weapons are Items on the server?

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You can replace the default stash with any stash you want by using the documentation

An option to config a timer for the boss menu wash system

An option to add other features (third party scripts) to boss menu with actions file or integrations and option to change handcuffs to third party script

you could create for the vehicle owned an option that you can make vehicle_owned for a special job for example a vehicle_owned action point where u can select the minimal rank but only job vehicle owned…

@jaksam1074 Can you add okokTextUI?

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If u want to reduce a lot of resources use this job creator!! Very easy to use and all in one!!!

Have some small suggestion for improvement, is it possible to add a fuction in job creator to have fuction like:

  1. [Release] Head bag script [ESX] Version: 1.0.1

  2. Hide in trunk/put the hostages in the car trunk?

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Hello sir i have a suggestion in jobcreator. In processing markers I want add more remove items and give items also remove animation is not working. And Pressing E button for each processing can you change this to press e and process 5,6 items. About give items I want add more items and they have a percentage to give gems. Ex: Give items- gold 40%, diamond 10%, copper 70%… and those item’s will give with a math random that’s will be good.

Thank you, I’m happy you like it :grin:

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it would be nice if you could manage unpaid bills

Would be nice if you add full compatibility with this: GitHub - wasabirobby/fivem-appearance: fivem-appearance with tattoos for ESX servers using ox_lib

It works but you can’t copy the outfit numbers in the menu and It doesn’t change the outfit back to normal when selecting civilian clothes

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Please more options in terms of tying. For example, that you can also select handcuffs and ankle cuffs via the f6 menu. (handcuffs = people are allowed to walk by themselves) (ankle chains = they remain standing)
I know you can show that. But you have to choose between the 2 things. Either they can walk by themselves, or they always stop. (But it’s not easy for some maps if you have to carry people) So please add hand/ankle cuffs to F6