💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

What do you mean? You can replace them with anything… The examples obviously can’t fit all the inventories, it’s not useless if you know what you are doing :sweat_smile:

Hi can i also pay with Paysafecard to

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I know what i am doin but i dont know what to do for ox_inventory. i have tryed, but it opens at least the normal inventory, i dont know, how to combine it with ox_inventory. dont know, what to put in.this example code.

so it IS useless for me.
I know, i can put anything in it, but dont know, what to put in for ox_inventory to work.

i tested several variables , types and so on, which i got from ox_inventory script, but nothing works so… well. nothing.
useless any way.

I can create a job, make my job garage, make the job menu and finish. inventory stash i have to put manual from the ox_inventory files for Stash.

since u can put all in this stashes like money, item, weapons, there is no need to seperate them with armory, save and storage.

i thought, i can use jobcreator to make things easear, but there seems not to be any way to do it, so i have to do the work manually.

Hello, unfortunately Paysafecard cannot be used, I suggest to ask a friend who has Paypal or a Credit card to gift you the script using “gift” option in the store

Hi, if you don’t know what to put there it doesn’t mean the example is useless, it only means you don’t know how to code.

I don’t want to argue at all, I prefer to avoid misunderstandings

With the example, it shows how to disable the default stash, so you can use a trigger event or an export to open your inventory stashes, I don’t use your inventory so I don’t know what it uses

If i wouldnt know, how to code, i wouldnt make nealry everything on my server getting to work.

But anyway. may be i can get it to work any day.
may be i can get a hint anywhere.

If you had said straight away that you had no idea, we wouldn’t have had to argue.

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It would be nice if the Job Creator has the option to create harvest fields like in the Drugs Creator

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Drugs Fields are an exclusive feature of Drugs Creator


  • Function that specific Jobs can place Spikestrips, Cone and Barriers

  • A Selling Point for Drugs, Fruits or other Stuff not like the actual Selling Market

  • a blackmoney wash

  • function to add custom Loadbars

  • function to disable loadbars

  • at the harvesting or processing point that the item should show up like "Press E to harvest “Weed” and at the processing-point "Press E to process “Weed”

and if you add the seeling for fruits or drugs then there should be also the same „Press E to sell „Weed“

Would be cool if this could be added.

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Is it possible to add an option where jobs can pay their salaries from the society fund. Currently they are getting the money from an unspecified point it seems to me.

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Man its very easy how to setup

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Update 5.5

  • Added integration for QS Inventory for stashes and rob/search action (can be enabled in sh_integrations.lua)
  • Added integration for OX Inventory for stashes and rob/search action (can be enabled in sh_integrations.lua)
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I keep getting this error code when I try to create a job

ERROR] [MySQL] [esx_job_creator] An error happens on MySQL for query “INSERT INTO jobs(name, label) VALUES (‘triaden’, ‘triaden’)”: ER_NO_DEFAULT_FOR_FIELD: Field ‘info’ doesn’t have a default value

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Hello, “info” is not a column from jobs creator, you can delete it from your database table jobs

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Thanks for the help, it’s working perfectly now

Love The Script ,
its a 20/10

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Suggestion: Ability to setup set loadouts and assign the loadouts to ranks within the job.

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You are welcome :ok_hand:

I’m glad you like the script :grin:

Would like to request a fix for this:

It heavily breaks RP.

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Hello, that’s normal, the entities are not networked

I know that, the thing is that this thing breaks RP. You are saying I believe that you are not going to change this, right?

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