💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

Hello, if I use the jobcreator to make purchasable vehicles as faction cars, how do you set it up so that you can lock or unlock them or that no objects disappear when you park them in and out of the park again?

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it would be awesome, if you would add an option to set Impound Stations for Jobs!
please make it happen <3

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Hi, about the lock you have 2 options:

  • You can integrate your own car lock script by using the documentation
  • You can use my Vehicles Keys script, which has already included the integration for Jobs Creator

About the items, that doesn’t depend on Jobs Creator because it isn’t an inventory script

Hey, we are a little Server and would like to buy the Creator Pack. We dont have that much money, thats why we want to ask if u could u maybe give us a sale thats its not that expensive?

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Hi, the creator packs already offers a discounted price than getting the scripts separately, the scripts helps you with your server development, making your job easier and saving much of your time, that’s the reason unfortunately there cannot be another discount more than the one already existing on creators bundle

Please put in a F6 Action to Change Clothes and Back
Depending on the Job Rank

Love this script , been using it for 5 months now , only thing missing is the option to allow to turn on or set true if you use ox inventory so stashes and that would use ox inventory.

I would love you to add this in on a update.

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Hi, I’m glad you like it :grin:

You can use any inventory you want which can replace the default stash by using the documentation :+1:

hi, I have been using your script for some time and you can only say that it is really fantastic. something that I think would be really nice, maybe implemented in spare time and if possible, possibility to use also custom markers, streamed from another resource. thanks for your work

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Thank you, I’m glad you like the script :grin:

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Suggetion: Add a copy function for us to add multiple harvest points effectively instead of keeping doing the same thing.

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Your work is excellent personally I use: jobs creator, advanced drug creator, billing ui and in the future I think I will also evaluate the use of vehicle keys

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Is there any way to integrate ox_inventory stashes into it? i have tryed several possibilitys, but the documents doesnt help me, because i dont know exact, which data and vars i have to put in.

Question, when searching a players inventory using Job creator menu and on OX inventory, all items come back with nil, on the sv_integrations i have use_ox_inventory set to true. What needs to be done to show the item name and not nil? TIA

The documentation shows how to replace the default stash and similar with any inventory script, but adding the code for it it’s up to you

Hey i have an question…

Does the Job Creator works with ox?..

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Well, IF i would know, WHAT i have to change, i wouldnt ask.

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I have both of them, they work beside each other, but not together (for now).

I am using the stashes from ox_inventory, instead of save and stashes from jobscreator.
The armory, doesnt work at all.

Its because ox_inventory is item based and jobs creator works just in database with no “physic” items.

It would be nice, if i could create a stash with jobscreator and it uses ox_inventory, but this is the point, i want help with but… it seems no chance.

sorry, but all facts.

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The documentation can be used to replace default stuff

These are the events you can use to replace default inventories


Doing it is up to you, there are already examples and integrating external scripts is the server developer’s job

They doesnt fit with ox_inventory, so its useless.

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