💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

So is everything fixed now?

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Suggestion: Mechanics should be able to lift cars onto a flatbed. Or police officers, e.b. close off roads with certain objects. There should be the possibility to select both = hand and ankle cuffs. Hand = The perpetrators are allowed to walk themselves (because most map ́s bugs occur) or shackles = Just as it is now that the perpetrators can not move.


Hey guys, do we want to have an extension that gives you route jobs, for example that you can do a bus or truck job, let’s vote.


If using the ped option when making a public store or whatnot - allow option to set ped animation so they arnt just standing there like a brick.



- Please add an option to set stash size from the UI (so we can give different-sized stashes according to whatever RP / situational criteria we have in our servers). Make the value be passed to the jobs_creator:stash:openStash event, thanks!


:briefcase: Suggestion:

• add a blank marker which would allow for custom triggers/exports or addons to be used


• here you could add your custom trigger or export, etc…

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it would be nice when you can Name the cars how they should stay in the menue because many cars have null in it or they stay like the spawn name. It would be cool when you can put your own name of the car there. Like Chargleg is the spawn name and when you want to buy the car in the list i would name it Charger Police or something. That would be really cool

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Hello, the car name depends on your addon script, if you have a car name on the addon vehicle script, it will show on Jobs Creator

hello, I bought a map of the warehouse, and I created the job (with the job creator) that supplies the shops in the city.
in other words I wanted to ask you if it is possible to do this, a blip where people, for example, the miner brings the material (copper) and sells them to the created blip, the item once sold goes into the inventory created in the warehouse.

Suggestion :

Adding a garage system when you create a job to get a full garage system for the society

does anyone know why the boss menu always disappears when i try to access it?

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does anyone know how to fix it?

[ script:jobs_creator] SCRIPT ERROR: ? : -1 : attempt to call a nil value (field ‘getPlayerJobName’)
[ script:jobs_creator] > query_default (@oxmysql/dist/server/build.js:16108)
[ script:jobs_creator] > processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96)

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Hi, for both issues the error seems related to the asset escrow

for me its not working for some reasons it just says Couldn’t start resource jobs_creator idk why i have Ace permissions and all idk why it don t start im Using QBCORE framework

Yes everthin working fine

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Perfect :+1:

There is probably another error together with that one

Update 5.4.10

  • Added a “read me” file to make easier the installation for new users
  • Fixed an important exploit (It’s strongly suggested to update the script)
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t allow to add higher quantities of supplies than what job shop already had in supplies

Any chance for this? :slight_smile:

Update 5.4.12

  • Fixed a bug in process marker that allowed players to spam the event if they were disconnecting their internet
  • Added events for garages after the vehicle is parked in documentation
  • Solved a bug related to market which could cause the player to not be able sell


For qb instead of the menu for the armory and shops, use the default shop window where it brings up the inventory if possible.