💼 Jobs Creator 5.0 [ESX][QBCore] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart

Update 3.16

  • Upgraded shops marker
  • Now you can define if items in shops will be bought with normal money or black money
  • Added the chance to decide if F6 actions menu will be disabled or not when off duty
  • Upgraded boss marker
  • Now you can define the return percentage of black money when washing them
  • You can define if money will be gave to player or directly in society account

Add Function to give License so you can enable a menu where u can set a license name which can be given / remove from closest player


Add Function to create jobs with waypoints like driving jobs like put on point where to start where to deliver (more point selected random from array) also the item thats been transported price and job name and paycheck also you can stop anytime by /canclejob or by f6 menu with a waypoint back to start point to put the vehicle back in garage (temporary garage)


Enable function for f6 menu to heal(small), bigger wounds, revive

also maybe add function for the billing to see if your bills has been paid

Maybe create a function so that paychecks will be paid by server or by the job owner / job bank so if not enough money in job bank no paycheck will be helpful for more realistic jobs

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Add players blips on job like PD blips EMS blips.

Blips Creator [Standalone] he already got that here

  • Create option to let jobs like mechanic to add props: spikes, roadcone, barrier, signs
  • Let enable different harvest points that random been activated, like go point X and then farm Y product, but this point can change randomly, for example you config 5 points and just 2 aleatory been active.
  • When you sell item in random shop, let owner of Job Gang or Company to earn that items in storage.
  • Let make actions like harvest with specific vehicle model.
  • Weapon Upgrader modify in way that you need to craft scopes and things.
  • Bills system that let player earn money instead of society.
  • Option to save configs, for example if you config shops, you must create 30 different shops coz coords, so if you can save presets would be amazing, or let use one marker config with more than 1 coords setup and more than 1 job.
  • Enable option to farm in X point and then from that point in Z range appears “props” that u can collect and earn items.

They are amazing suggestions +1

I would like to suggest The ability to utilize the qtarget with peds for shops INSTEAD of markers :slight_smile:

bro can we have a version for QB?

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hello i bought your script it works fine but when i set a marker my server crashes?

Hi, is there any error when you create a marker in server or client console?

SCRIPT ERROR in reference call: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
[ script:mysql-async] Parameter name: index

Mmh, your mysql script might crash the server, can you try using this?

only the sql file?

No the whole script

it works now thx

Perfect :ok_hand: You are welcome

Update 3.16.1

  • Upgraded permanent garages
  • Vehicles should not despawn anymore
  • If a vehicle despawns for any reason, it will be possible to take it back from the garage
  • Optimization to garage vehicles, now it should be faster to open the garage vehicles