💼 Jobs Creator 4.6 [ESX] - in-game Job Creation Menu without server restart


  • Add changeable amount for Market (Sellable Items). When my players have lets say 100 Wine, they have to press 100x ENTER to sell all. Would be nice to make the sell amount configureable in jobcreator.

  • Add a configureable maximum amount of $ people can make while selling in market or a specific job.

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Hello, that’s already possible, you have to update the script to the latest version and enable multiple item sell in the script menu settings

Hi i got a problem with this script if i want open it the console tells me You lack the required entitlement to use esx_job_creator can somebody help me ???

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Hello, here you can find all solutions to common errors, let me know if it solves :+1:

please sir update jobcreator script police can spwan objekt barriers sbarriers nails and and and

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Unfortunately I have a small problem with the script. When the script is started the server crashes, but when the script is not started the server runs without problems. Maybe someone can help me with this problem.

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CAn somebody help? When i edit job i got info that i cant update job


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hi! congratulation for this beautiful script! i have to ask a things:

When you create an harvest point and you choose the percentage of give an item…it doesn’t work. i set 10% to harvest gold but every time i try to harvest the item is always give by the script.

Can you tell me something about this little bug?

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Hello, you can join the support server you find in the description of this video

Hello, you have to define multiple items, and the chances will be for them. If you only use one item, it’s normal that it will always be the same item since it’s the only item in the marker

ok ok! but may i suggest an idea? can you insert a chance to get items?
For example: i create a public marker where people can found gold. I set 5% the chance to get an item and…yes they need have big patience!!

Can you insert this on next update?

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You can actually achieve the same thing by using a 95% chances on useless rocks and 5% chances on gold

Ok. You know where is possibile find a list of animation for the jobs?

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Can you set that the gangs’ salary comes from the faction fund and if there is no more money in the fund, there is no longer any wages?

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Yes, but another point that you can set would be better I think. For example, if you set an NPC and just want to park somewhere else

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Yes, here’s the animations list

Hello, that’s already a thing in es_extended paycheck, if you create a job with Jobs Creator the salaries are used from the society money

are you able to set permissions to just one person right now we have it set to admin but I want to be the only one who can access it is there a way to do this

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Yes sure you can do it, you can replace
add_ace group.admin jobcreator allow


add_ace identifier.license:YOUR_LICENSE_HERE jobcreator allow

When you park out temporary vehicles, it would be cool if the parker is the temporary owner, or the Job is the owner… so that he can lock the car. Is that possible?

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hello, you can already integrate your keylock system by looking at the script documentation

hello can you help me pls i got this error ‘couldnt update the job’ pls help

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