Job menu resets every restart. (ESX)

So currently i am LSPD but everytime i restart my game i have to select the job again to gain acces to the LSPD menu. Any fix for this or something you need to try and help me?

Given there is no information about the script you are using, but you have said ESX as the framework, I am going to make some assumptions (getting used to it). I think you are using esx_policejob. I looked up the script, as it currently stands according to ESX Legacy docs…

When the “esx:setJob” event is triggered, it is updating your job in the script, but it seems that it’s not triggering that on join. So let’s do that. Add the following to your script. If you are unsure where, the bottom will work.

AddEventHandler('esx:playerLoaded', function(xPlayer)
    ESX.PlayerData = xPlayer

Aaaaaand you’re done! That’s it. Please mark this as the solution so that others may benefit from it. Thanks!

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