Job Creator 2.9 [ESX]

Brilliant! Looking forward to the updates, also want to try this with Blip Creator and your Billing :smiley: all in all a perfect solution for all :smiley:

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Did you by any chance rename the resource? If you did make sure you change it back to “esx_job_creator” else you will get weird bug and stuff just won’t work properly.

I got contacted on discord by him, he said that is already solved now (that’s why I didn’t answer him here too)

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Ah right! Brilliant, glad he got it sorted then :smiley:

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Is it possible to choose vehicle colors? I would like to do vagos and ballas with same vehicles but different colors

Hi, yes, temporary garage marker allows you to choose primary and secondary color for each vehicle

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:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :100:

Update 2.9

  • Added new marker “Harvest”
  • Added translation in language.lua of safe marker (Withdraw/Deposit labels)
  • Fixed a safe bug that didn’t show cash in old ESX version
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