Custom priority script.

  • Every player will be able to start a priority (only 1 can be active at the time).
  • Only the player that started the priority can start a cooldown (Staff can always start a cooldown).
  • When the priority player disconnects a cooldown will be started.


Player Commands:

  • /inprogress (Starts priority)
  • /cooldown (Will start cooldown with default cooldown timer)

Staff Commands:

  • /cooldown [Mins] (Will start cooldown with custom cooldown timer)
  • /resetpcd (Will reset the priority and cooldown and make the priority status Inactive)

Ace permissions for staff commands can be set in the config.lua
Default cooldown time can be set in the config.lua


Could you help me set up the staff perms?

you can add the ace perms to the groups.

add_ace group.admin jd.staff allow

This will allow the group admin to use the commands

Would it be like add_principal.steam:[HEX] jd.staff

If I where you I would add the permission to a group like admin

Like add people to the admin group like this:
add_principal identifier.steam:123456789 group.admin

And then allow the group to use the ace permission like this:
add_ace group.admin jd.staff allow

Ok so this would prob be easier?

And should I just add this to my server.cfg image

Makes it easier if you want to add more ace perms later on

yes that’s where you can add it

Im just curious, what exactly is the purpose of Prioritys?

Its for sandbox servers so not everyone starts robbing banks at the same time

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How can I change the commands to say /pip instead of /inprogress

In the server/main.lua you can edit the commands

How can i change the color of the text where it says Priority Status:

How to add perms for Police only?

In the config.lua you can change the color:
Config.Color = "~m~"

You would have to add an ace permission check to the server.lua in the command.

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Could you make a version of this to where all commands are staff only?

Not the point of this resource. There are others that have those functions.
The reason for this is that everyone can start a priority and they don’t have to wait for staff

can you add this to SEM_InteractionMenu using code?

Yes you can add it to SEM_InteractionMenu using code.

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When I do /resetpcd it makes it so I can not do /cooldown [time], I have to reset the resource.