The Ultimate Store Script for RedM!
This script allows players to run their own stores, enhancing their roleplay experience with seamless features! This script also has an optional feature of NPC stores to make sure all your needs are met!


  • Player owned stores
  • Optional NPC Stores
  • In depth store creation menu
  • Focus on security and abuse prevention
  • Custom Built UI
  • If you own JCC-Society this script ties into it allowing you to hire employees to manage your store, and money will go to the society ledger! (This only applies IF YOU OWN JCC-Society, if you do not this feature will not be included.)
  • Version Checking
  • Admin Menu for easy management of created stores in your server!

There are no refunds
Supports only the VORP Framework
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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1700+
Requirements VORP Core, VORP Character, VORP Inventory, JCC-Utils, Feather Menu
Support Yes
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