About the script:
JCC-Society is an in depth society/business script. This script allows admins to create societies for their players, from their the players can hire employees, fire employees, create employee ranks, pay employees, bill players, utilize a built in ledger system, and manage their societies inventory.

Full Features List:

  • Simple Configuration: Easily customize your society setup.
  • Effortless Translations: Translate the script into different languages with ease.
  • Highly Modular: Each society is created with its own settings, minimizing the need for extensive configuration.
  • Admin Management Menu: Conveniently manage your society through an intuitive menu.
  • Developer Exports: Export data for further customization and analysis. With in depth documentation.
  • Webhooks: Stay connected with society and admin updates through webhooks.
  • Safety and Security: Built-in features ensure the safety and security of your society.
  • Seamless Experience: No need to relog, except for society deletion.
  • Society Inventories: Manage inventories for your society.
  • Upgradeable Inventories: Set Upgrades for inventories during society creation, that players can buy in thier menu later.
  • Named Societies: Give your society a unique name.
  • Togglable Blip: Easily toggle the blip for your society.
  • Ledger System: Keep track of society finances, store, and withdraw money with a ledger system.
  • Employee Management: Hire and manage employees for your society.
  • Rank System: Implement a rank system within your society.
  • Payment System: Manage payments within your society.
  • Billing Command: Easily handle billing within your society.
  • Taxes: Implement a tax system within your society.
  • Version Checking: Version Checking to keep you upto date!
  • Society Jobs: Each society has its own job that you set during creation, or change in the admin menu. Job Grade is set for each society Rank so each rank has its own job grade that the owner or employee with the manage rank permission can set/change.
  • Toggle Society Jobs Duty: Society jobs can be setup to allow for toggling being on and off duty(Not all jobs, just society jobs).

Video Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TARUOl4slaM&ab_channel=JCCScripts

Buy here: https://jcc-scripts.tebex.io/package/6157054

There are no refunds

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1900
Requirements VORP_Core Feather-Menu bcc-utils VORP_Character
Support Yes