It was fun while it lasted

Just wanted to thank all the friends I have made on FiveM over the last two years. I have made a lot of memories that will stay with me for a long time. Sadly the last week I have not been able to play due to FIveM ending it’s client supporting WIndows 7 Software. If any of you NoPixel and Notpixel guys are out there… Peace out from Trey Gohauns friends.

Crazy thought. Update from that 13 year old OS and play FiveM again.

Nah, It ain’t worth it just for one program. I am not paying 300$ to play a modded GTA

Paying? The upgrade from 7 is free lol. Also you can buy windows keys for much cheaper then $300. Around $30-$40 usually.

I do not have a genuine copy of windows 7 so I can not to my knowledge I attempted it earlier this week and it asked for a product key which i do not have.

you can still go to windows 10, just upgrade to it with the “pirated” copy and click on “do not have a product key”.

FiveM should work on Windows 7 again now anyway.

There’s so many gray market key sites. It’s not illegal. Windows 7 was great, but Windows 10 and 11 is fine. The real crime here is that FiveM still doesn’t support Linux.

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GTA V itself also doesn’t (instead, it’s Wine et al. supporting GTA V, the other way around!) so this isn’t really on us to ‘support’.

Fair enough, didn’t know that actually. 'Tis a shame.