Is this true? I was told that FIVEreborn made a server for console

Hey guys love the game, I was talking to one of my mates and I said I can’t play fivereborn becuase of my bad pc and he told me that there is a server for console and it’s from fivereborn now I’m just wondering if this is true how can I find it? Pls tell me I watch people play this every single day and I really want to play it I would love to get a new pc but it’s going to take a couple of years… pls answer thanks :smiley:

He lied, lol xD more words here for post

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Ok thanks for telling me

… what the fuck is fivereborn?

:confused: ummmm Okay? If you don’t know what five reborn is then how da funk did you find this website

From FiveM… xD Its not fiveR

Let me reply to this, can you play GTA V? If yes, then you could play FiveM perfectly fine. If not then I suggest you get a newer PC.

Next to that, just FYI - Fivereborn was renamed to the original name of the project which is FiveM.

Oooooh sorry… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do get a new pc

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