Is there any way to remove ELS from cars?

Hey, I was just wondering if there is any way of removing ELS from a car pack ( Because I wan’t to use it for my server.

At the time, there’s no way to remove ELS from a model. However, the car pack you submitted has ELS STYLE lighting, which essentially means it uses default lighting but certain files “carvariations.meta, vehicles.meta, etc” to recreate ELS. You would put the vehicles in and either install the files clientside or serverside.

How do I go about doing this serverside, I’m not very experienced with fivereborn servers, I know to put the ytf and ytd files in the correct place, but not much else

Use this guide: FiveReborn/pΛ/проектΛ update - December 30th, 2016

Hey, So I tried installing doing as you recommended, After doing so, When I try and join the server I get the error “An exception occurred at (c0000005 at 0x1405e0037) during loading of resources:/assets/vehicles.meta in data file mounter class CVehicleMetaDataFileMounter. The game will be terminated.” any ideas as of how to fix this?

Assets folder:


ELS = not multiplayer supported.