Is there any way to install ProjectReload graphics enhancer on my client?

I want to ask if ProjectReload could be installed on my client and used in all servers? When I try to install the mod into my GTAV, FiveReborn does not start. The mod could be found here: Also is it normal that every time I start FiveReborn I get (The Rockstar update service is unavailable(code 213)…) error. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

BUMP! Anyone willing to help? :slight_smile:

Tell me how you installed the modification.

As the mod requires:
Download ReShade Framework v1.1.0f1:
Download EnbSeries:
Copy EnbSeries’s d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to GTAV’s Root.
Copy ReShade’s ReShade64.dll and ReShade folder to GTAV’s Root.

Installing ProjectRELOAD:
1- Copy all files in Main Files to your GTA V’s location folder.
2- Open OpenIV
3- Replace all files of “2-Update.RPF Files for Atmosphere & Weathers” with OpenIV each by each. For example: Enter Timecycle folder, Press green plus icon and select all timecycles. Not before enter timecycle folder.
4- Replace Textures in x64a.rpf folder to …\GTAV\x64a.rpf\textures
5- Change game’s Vanilla Textures with our Texture Preset. Exactly like step 3.

EDIT: Had ScriptHook installed which was crashing the game. So now the client and game is working but ProjectReload mod is still not working.

By playing on some servers I found some bugs and thought I will share them:
Favourites not saving after reloading client
Sometimes game crashes after clicking on the map in pause menu
Downloaded cache of the JETSONS-DRIFTIN server but still cant join it because it crashes and gives me this error (file causing the error sometimes changes) alt text
After joining some servers I fall into the void and then get similar error

@DovydasSpec your client is not able to read the streamed vehicles.

Also ReShade won’t work with FiveReborn. You should try streaming the textures serversided or clientsided but that will require quite alot of work.

@Boss how to make my client read the streamed vehicles?

it works u just need the right enb and then reshade folder and enb folder goes in the GTAV root then .fx .asi all that would go to the plugins folder inside Reborn and it should work then all the textures required you would have to install client side into a mods folder for ex you cannot stream all that unfortunately, there might be a way but the file size of those files are huge so downloading those from the server might cause issues

Boss reshade does work, you just need to go to your gta directory and rename the “dxgi” file to “d3d10” then you will have reshade