Is there any way of getting a Scripthookdotnet script work?

Don’t answer with “Re-code it” I’m asking if its possible to get it working?

No, recode it or not

It used to work before am i right?

To a certain extent yes, before it was blocked. It is no longer allowed to be used the same reason OpenIV is not allowed to be used. It caused too many issues and left too many unknowns when trying to provide support. FiveM was never intended to have mods client side. This will just push people to develop more scripts, which is a win win for the community.

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Too bad, they really shouldn’t have. give people their freedom. if they thought it caused too many issues then every time someone needed support they should have asked: scripthookdotnet? kinda like how they ask if its legit or pirated. i disagree with blocking it… but hey what can you do. thanks!

Look at how quick the scripts are being developed, I think it was a good decision

Get the source code for the script you’re using and port it to CitizenFX.Core, it takes only 15-30 minutes for anything simple enough, most minor differences are due to it being based on SHVDN v3, and not v2.

I Have no idea how i could port something. i will look at the code tho.

You would need something like this…

Thanks the source code for a speed radar script for GTA V. I think it would be a great release for communities if it was converted to CitizenFX.Core. I would do it if I knew the Visual Studio steps involved to make it happen.

could u give an example?