Is there a way to stream settings.xml to change the VehicleVariety?


currently i’m trying to change the popgroups to get some more variety and more cars loaded in. This works as expected, but now i have the problem that only around 7-8 different cars spawn till i switch zones. I really would like to have more variety in cars driving around town to give it a more natural feel (Server is going for Vanilla esque realism). In UserDocuments is a file named settings.xml, where you can change VehicleVarietyMultiplier in the base game, to get more variety in traffic. Is there a way to load this file or to increase the variety in traffic with other means?

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Pardon the shameless bump, but I am generally interested in knowing if this is actually possible as well. I could not actually find any information about streaming (or at least serversiding) the settings.xml file. It seemed to me that the <VehicleVarietyMultiplier> parameter within this file was the only method of actually variating in-game traffic instead of densifying it. I am also in the process of modifying the popgroups.ymt and potentially popcycle.dat files in order to variate the custom car add-ons within the traffic that exists in my FiveM server.

The only other thing i found was in vehicles.meta. There is a flag for how much specific vehicles (e.g. Adder) spawn simultaneously, but you have to edit it for every single one, which would be a tedoius process. If i’ll find time i’m trying if that changes a thing, but i’ll highly doubty it to be honest.
So im still hoping they add support for streaming VehicleVarietyMultiplier server-side.


Also, is there anyway to stream any .xml file?
Please let me know!

Thank you in advance!

I hate to just bump this without giving any useful input, but I’m looking to do the same thing here.

I’d like to add as much AI variety as possible and this would be a great first step.

Sorry for the bump, I’ve been trying to figure this out too, I know of a server dev who had to develop a custom script to get something like this working but they’re reluctant to give it out, so I’ve been trying to find alternatives.

Hello, ive been trying to work out how to get more traffic in my server has anyone here managed to figure out how to increase the traffic density?

Not EXACTLY what people seem to be after, but related and helpful nonetheless. So here;

	while true do
		SetScenarioPedDensityMultiplierThisFrame(1.0, 1.0)

This ensures vehicles (and peds) are spawning at the default amount, without any reduction by the client with their density slider setting down. In addition, there is also this native → AddPopMultiplierSphere - Natives @ Docs to increase population within a zone with a maximum radius of 900.0

As I said, it won’t do exactly what the OP and others wanted, but it’s an old post that got bumped, so might help newcomers at least.


So is it possible to get to the point where enough traffic spawns that it creates a sort of traffic jam? I wanna go over this 1.0 value that I keep finding myself limited to. If anyone knows how I’m all ears :slight_smile:

see popcycle.dat

Crackin ill have a little search around that file, i have looked at this file before and didnt seem to make any changes even though i streamed it correctly but ill give it a second look with fresh eyes

Ive been playing around with this file but yet i seem to be gaining no difference in traffic density and not getting above the vanilla amount of traffic, any help?