Is there a simple question megathread?

Hi, I just found out about VR, and I’m revved to try it. Is there a place that I can ask questions where I’m looking for a specific mod to put on my server? I thought of posting in the development forum, but I wasn’t sure if that was the right section.

Basically, is there a megathread for people to ask single questions (not necessarily deserving of a whole thread) in one of the development or talk forums, and if not, would that be something worth creating?

If it helps, my question is that I’m looking for a mod that can spawn the aircraft carrier for the players on the server.

Thank you.

The aircraft carrier? So you can play on it? Or actually SPAWN the thing?

@Boss It requires an IPL, that’s about all I know. What I’m trying to find is how to make it so it’s persistently there in the server so people can hang out or visit it at any time they want.

No need to do anything my friend, just install FiveReborn. It will be in the map forever and always. Use Enhanced Reborn trainer to get the best results, you can just teleport to it or take out a boat to it so people can hang out anytime they want.

@Boss Really? That’s pretty freaking sweet! Thanks a lot for this mod, and thanks for answering my questions so promptly. Have a great day!

No problem!