Is my Server being blocked? Help

I have been trying to setup a private server for me and a few friends, however, i have been unsuccessful creating one.
I have followed the instructions step by step and i have opened the port (30120) I have checked that it’s open on several websites and it is but my server doesn’t show up in the list and i also can’t direct connect to it.
From reading another post (that seems dead. That’s why I’m posting my own) A Moderator said something is blocking it.
I have found nothing in the F.A.Q section either.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Might be your firewall or antivirus. Try disabling that.

Ok will have to try tomorrow as I am currently away from my pc.
Will keep you updated though.

some routers have a “dmz” setting make sure and set that up as well (if its there)

My server is now showing up on the server list on five reborn but not the one in game and i also cant direct connect to it. It says there is a “general handshake failure”.
I have disabled all antivirus and my firewall (temporarily) i have also made the DMZ as suggested.
Thank you

@Mr-Blue Can your friends join?

I am not sure whether they can connect as they are both away till the end of this month, and none of my other friends even have GTA V.
Thank you