Is Local-Hosting safe?

Hey everyone! I want to get into making servers and stuff, and I have a question about local hosting. Is it safe? Will anyone be able to get my ipv4 ip or something like that? Im very serious about internet privacy and I just would like to know anything on that subject before local hosting! Thanks!

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In terms of is it safe? yes
Would anyone recommend it? without certain actions in place no.

I would first of learn more about how to hide that as public information and then going from there

such as proxies, tunnels, ddos protection as some to be named

If it is safe, depends on your knowledge about servers and the additional stuff. To help you or give you better advice are more informations needed. For example:

What OS you wana use? (Linux or Windows)
What speed have your Internet?
Does your public IP changes every day or is it static?

In general: When you know, what you are doing, then it is safe like a rented server. But yes, all players are able to find out your public IP. If you just wanna have it for deploying and runtime environment for testing, you can set it up locally and connect via F8 and “connect LOCAL-IP”

Hope I could help you :slight_smile: