Is it possible to have ownership of gas station

is there a way to code for a user to have ownership of a gas station and get the money from a user filling up there car

Yes. It is possible to write a system like that.

i been trying to work out, as well as also making custom homes in gta v, with the same way as a user owner it

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You have to write a system to control those things. Of course its possible to make something like that but it def isn’t easy.

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is there anywhere on here, were i can ask for help with that, as if i can find someone to help, then i would put it out for everyone to use

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Good luck. The system you are asking for is useless without a back end framework running it. Just best to build your own RP framework and build it in that way but good luck finding anyone that would do it (since you can’t pay people for it as it violates the FiveM TOS)

i have no clue were to start and was somone can give me some tips on how to make it, so i can lean it

Honestly this is NOT a beginner task. You are going to need someone with some experience to help actually write the code for something like that.

Couldn’t this be done “the easy way” by setting permissions on the entrance door and the fuel script already being used on the server? And then let people who wanna fill up their car do a money transfer manually, as I assume the server already has some kind of RP framework installed. I guess it requires the one with permission being online often tho :sweat_smile:

If its as easy as that then do it but he provided no other information on using any frameworks so I assumed he is looking for something similar to arma 3 project life which doesnt exist on FiveM. Even using a framework it still requires a new business system to function properly without it looking rigged and odd.

so with fuel script, could it be edited so a user can own a gas station, for money that user pays to fill up, with money transfers to user who owners that gas station, also with so many gas station, it would have to be done by gas station, with ownership, it just have to show username, like if you walk up the shop on the gas station, comes up with This gas station is owned by User

He is asking for my community. We are esx based with esx_legacyfuel. Any way that can help get it to us :smiley:

What he is asking is not going to be easy anyone who says its easy I encourage them to give a shot for you but basically what you want is multiple systems all working together to output that. just editing legacy fuel would be a pain and I would say you would pretty much need to make everything from scratch to better understand how much work it would take to make that a thing.

ah ok. Thanks for explaining the whole process. I will continue looking for someone to make that for me.