Is it possible to change FiveM's natives for other scripts?

Hi, I’m making somewhat if an anticheat, and I want to be able to change the natives that other scripts execute.
I’ve worked in a lua environment which had a function getgenv() that let you do just this. Here’s an example:

devConsole = false
SetClip = setclipboard
getgenv ().setclipboard = 
	function (String) 
		if string.match (String, "Internal1") or string.match (String, "ReplicatedStorage") or string.match (String, "Arguments") then 
			devConsole = true 
			return SetClip (String) 

I was wondering if this was at all possible in FiveM? Thanks! (Yes, I know that setclipboard() is not a valid lua function, this is just an example)

natives come from GTA V, so no.

What about the InvokeNative() function? Would that be possible to influence?

Did you find the answer and was it correct? Please share it with me. Thank you :pray:

No, Script runtimes - Docs