Is FiveReborn's team playing dirty?

Fun fact, I just realized that all posts about other game hosting companies offering FiveReborn dedicated servers have been removed from the forum by admins/moderators and now ■■■■■■■ server posts are featured.

Is it just be, or does this sounds wrong? Either a development is community based or its privated owned, but a community based development making money and hiding exclusive hosting, not cool.

I never posted a single comment myself about my hosting services, and I wont start now. Any message that could have been sent here about us was by a customer that told me in our support system that they were very happy and they offered to speak up, as they were previously very unsatisfied with what was offered.

I guess it would be easier for any mods/dev to just delete this post instead of facing/explaining truth, but my real question to FiveReborn team is : Do you really prefer making a few pennies over letting your community know about services that are cheaper and better for them?

My team and I had great project with this, we started working on an “Altis like” mod and we are currently trying to find a way to allow 3D voice in-game. All this development would have been free to use by anyone and was only in the interest of the community, as I think this could be something great. Being “cut-off” like that without any question is not appreciated.

We never removed any post that was not deemed offensive or wrong. I don’t know which post you are referring to but we are in no way partnered with @■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

We are not affiliated with any hosting company.

One advertisement post was deleted because some person told me that it was a scam.

@Boss , I would be VERY surprised that this scam post was something concerning to us, specially since its more then one of our customers that reported us that you removed their posts. Also, if it would have been a scam, then I wouln’t ask for an explanation. I might have jumped quickly to conclusions, but you need to understand that its very frustrating for me to spend so many hours coding scripts for FiveR and then have all posts related to us removed without a single question or email.

In any case, no, there is no scam. In fact, this is the kind of feedback that we have from users :

"Your a great support member, Im not sure you’ll like this one, I bet you’ll like this one.

You have enthusiasm, and a bit of fun, and with that in mind you also do a great job at explaing the issue, the fix, etc. 10/10, Also I love the damn respond time, I’ve had other hosts with horrible 2 days to 3 day response time and some if I even get a response on replies, and not only that I payed for instant ticket support on one host for Minecraft and I still had to wait 2-3 days.

10/10 support"

Reasons for posts to get deleted:

  • Re-opening old topics
  • Hijacking topics
  • Not filling proper formats if/when requested
  • Failed to reply in a decent manner

The advertisement post that got the deleted was the first ever hosting advertisement that got deleted. The assumption you make is disrespectful and could have been handled diffrently.

Second to that, no idea who you are and/or what you are from and if you are acting as a rep from a hosting company it’s plain unproffesional to make a forum post regarding this issue instead of sending a private message. Neither do I care about your ‘feedback’ anyone could have written that, including yourself.

Any other communication regarding this issue could be discussed in private.


p.s. NOBODY from the FiveReborn team makes money out of it.