Is EUP also available to private servers?

Hi guys,

Im a bit wondering as Im reading that EUP is just available for FiveM Element Club Argentum and higher. Is that true, maybe something changed in the last months. Also because I dont see any sense to offer this script for private servers also for the same money as big public servers.

Even if you start a shit storm against me now, but do we have another options for free? I will just spend some hours with my gf playing on our private server and of course I would spend $15 per month, but not for eup and also not for my private server and 2 gamers.

I appreciate all serious answers.

Thanks and stay safe!


Yes that’s true, nothing has changed.

Not at the moment.

The last info I have is that every server that want’s to stream uniforms/clothing has to have the Patreon membership. I don’t think that it makes any difference depending on the server’s availability/if it’s private or public.

I also would not know any way around that tbh. but maybe somebody else knows something. In my knowledge the only way to get EUP to properly work is to subscribe to patreon. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, ok thanks for the comments guys. I was just wondering because at LSPDFR it was for free. I will survive not to get EUP :slight_smile: I will go forward when I get a server and open it to public, but know it doesnt make sense to me.

Cheers guys and stay safe!

Eup is still free here however it requires being able to stream custom clothes which is what the patreon sub allows. Eup itself will always be free.

Thanks Crutchie,

for your comment. Do they have a basic batch for free or all uniforms are related to patreon sub?


As I mentioned you aren’t paying for eup you are paying to access the ability to stream custom clothing which is what eup needs in order to work. Eup itself is completely free.

Custom clothes streaming is only available to patreon subscribers at this time.