Is anyone willing to help me with setting up essentialmode

Don’t post in chat if you are not going to help me

help with what exactly? Setting it up?

also what OS are you using for your server
(may come in handy later)

I need help with essentialmode base

for my fivereborn serber

Are you hosting it on your own PC or a VPS? Are you using Windows or Linux on the server?

yes I am host in on my server and I’m using windows

Hey FugitiveGaming please let me know if you get anyone, I am willing to donate to someone as well… need some sort of money system in place… good luck in your search, hopefully you can find someone then send them my way.

Do you have teamspeak or discord? If so PM me and I will be willing to help.

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yes I have teamspeak and dicord

can you help me too please

I will be able to help you join this TeamSpeak:

i am on man i don’t see you