IPL for Maze Bank Arena

I didn’t find the ipl(s) that load the maze bank arena interior. Can someone help me ?

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Is the inside ever used in anything? I didnt think there was one.

Yes in a mission. With FiveM if you don’t install open interior, there is a huge blank space that you can fall through and fall under the map. So I’m searching for the interior or at least the facade.

i installed open all interiors clientside and it working for me


Need the IPL for a server side solution.

sp1_10_real_interior - the real interior (on-mission)
sp1_10_fake_interior - the fake interior (not on-mission)

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Hello, I’m sorry to derange this son but I do not find it’s two area have you an ideas

I have the same problem, would like to have the ipl’s on our server

Quick search on the forum (this includes the Maze Bank Arena if I’m not mistaken):

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