IP Whitelist

Looking for someone to make a IP Whitelist script. I cant find a working one that doesnt use a DB.

Already tried, It gives me an error. Some others were saying they were getting the same error. So it something with the script.

I’ll have a look over it :slight_smile:


20 charrrrrrrr

Did it work for you?

I’m still playing around with it

20 charrrrrrr

I don’t recommend IP and idk whats wrong with that script. Try this one

I looked at that one but i dont know how to set up a SQL Database or execute a SQL

give it a quick google, its not hard.

Hey FAXES, is there anyway to change the script so when someone joins it will put it in a designated discord chat and say Their IGN and Steam64 so i can easily get their Steam64 (maybe using webhooks)

Not 100% know if you could do that without making your own webhook, For 64 you can use Rcon tho.

But if they get kicked right away how am i suppose to to “status”