IP not returning correctly sometimes

Hi, I have noticed that once every few times I restart our server, the IP is completely incorrect for about 4-5 users.
With our server having a relatively large banlist (~ 5.5k permanents) sometimes these glitched IPs will match with one of our banned users.
It seems like, every week or so, this glitched IP will change and be yet another banned user’s IP. The only way to fix this issue is to restart the client.
I don’t want to leak the current week’s IP, though if a staff member messages me I’ll send it over.
The way I am getting the IP is with GetPlayerEndpoint(). I don’t want to verify the IP via the client as that can be intercepted pretty easily, and considering it’s a banlist, that would be a large security flaw.
I’ve noticed this has been happening ever since I started the ban list (Early February)

Any repro or additional info, or is this just a support question?

It’s not a specific resource, it’s a FiveM issue. Restarting the client fixes it. If it helps, the ban list has about 5k entries. It seems like the “target” IP changes every other week or so. Sometimes the “target” IP won’t be in the ban list already, so it won’t affect any users. It’s just a very annoying bug

Not implying such, it’s just that it’s a bit hard to define ‘sometimes’ as a repro. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like it only happens when you get kicked/server gets restarted and you don’t restart your client before joining back.

This should be resolved nowadays.