IP / Copyright Infringement Enforcement Policy

Hello CFX,

Per the Community Pulse posted in October / November, there will be enforcement on FiveM servers using vehicle models that infringe on intellectual property (IP) and copyright. I’m wondering when CFX will begin to enforce this upon FiveM servers across the platform. Would love to know a timetable on this as I transition my server into using Lore Friendly vehicles over real life vehicles.


I’m sure they are enforcing it immediately. Just depends, I guess, when they get around to your server and find it.

It’s already a violation (frankly it always has been, it’s just that nobody cared before), so be as fast as possible for replacing the models. Enforcement of these things depends on if/when the CFX staff gets a report on your server and how fast they can process such report, so dont waste time on fixing what may get you suspended :wink: