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I play on this 1 server in fivem. Everything was working fine the first couple days I played and now when I join the server I am forced into ghost lobbies by myself and the map doesnt load and I start falling through it. I can read the chat of players in the server and they can read when I type. After 2 minutes of falling through the map my fivem freezes. I am forced to forcequit or if I am in fullscreen I am forced to restart my computer. I tried to join other servers and I dont have the problem on those other servers. So I was wondering is it a plugin the server added or is it the fivem client? Does anyone know whats going on?

Does this happen in one particular server? Or multiple?

Also, please fill out the Technical Support Template

This only happens on one particular server

Then it’s probably a server issue… Nothing that we can really do about that, sadly. The only thing I could think of that might help, is deleting cache…

Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app\cache in your file browser, and delete the priv folder. Then try rejoining the server.

I have exactly the same issue… what I wonder is why only some have it and others don’t

Same. When I load in it puts me in my own instance and when I walk far enough out I start falling through the map and when I press p to look at the map the map doesnt load but the icons do

Exactly this is what happends endless menu loading… I have the exact same issue. What windows are you running?

Except @kennasofly isn’t having an ‘endless loading screen’ issue… He’s having an issue with one particular server. As he stated above:

If you’re having a seperate issue, please post your own thread, so we can look into it.

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He is also having the end less loading issue when he presses p. We have the exact same problem I just probably didn’t explain it well

The pause menu not loading probably means the server is using a custom map texture. It’ll keep loading as long as it’s not done being ‘downloaded’ by you.

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And how do we fix that?

i have a problem, I keep on getting sessioned when i join every single fivem RP server, Its so weird first time its happening and it only happens to me all the other players dont get it.

Welcome to the gang with the same issue

We can’t help any of you if you don’t provide any information… Please make a separate topic and fill out the Technical Support Template

@kennasofly, since this is your topic, you can just update your post with the template here…

I have already made a topic but no one is helping

Resolved for me by changing windows compatability by un ticking the box

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