Introduction! :P

Hello Ya’ll i am coming from another community which was GTA-VMP i saw old faces here some may know me by iBallisticChew @kanersps "Glad to see you here bro & well i was scripting for a CnR server in GTAV which i am glad i will start work on in this Client Thanks for the team behind it and will i am 19yo from Pakistan soon moving to USA for bachelor’s in IT anything else just ask :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Wassap m8 i am comming from V-MP community too. I wasnt really into programming there and i had a lot of bugs trying to run it lol :smiley: but then it actually failed even if dev’s we’re saying that it wont be sued and shit cuz its not using any of rockstars shit and scripts. But it actually did. Anyways enough about that, Fivereborn(FiveM) came back to us and we’re lucky bcs of that. I remember how pissed off i was when FiveM was down. But its back to us with never versions unlike Multifive lol and it will hopefully stay for couple years or so, anyways welcome m8 and cyaa

Hello,@CrazyGamer how are you. Same from v-mp. Long time.

@EPPS said in Introduction!! :stuck_out_tongue::

Hello,@CrazyGamer how are you. Same from v-mp. Long time.

Hey bro i am good hope your doing good and glad to see you bro it’s been a long time :slight_smile:

Hey man i do remember you from GTAVMP. Maybe not exactly who you were but i do recall the name :slight_smile: