Introducing InclusiveRP (18+) - A new upcoming Civ focused server

Introducing Inclusive RP, We are looking to create a community where anything can go, we look to be civilian based with a strong focus on legal work from a fully robust trucking system to a complete farming lifestyle allowing for our “seed to plate” gameplay loop, where you provide the items stores need to make the food you want !!!

With a complete whitelisted PD and EMS team we are looking to bring new mechanics and oppertunities to people who want to push them self in a governmental role.

But when the lights go down you can be assured with our extensive list of illegal oppertunities from illegal racing and drifting to robbing banks or stealing cars to chop we have something for everyone,

The server changes daily and we are constantly learning and improving along with our player base, and thats where you come in. help shape the future by applying today.

  • Over 40 different legal jobs

  • Player ownable mech shops, food stores etc

  • EMS with npc and player options, various hospitals (whitelisted)

  • Full PD with MDT/Radar (whitelisted)

  • Banks

  • Robberys

  • ATM Hacking

  • Money laundering

  • Grow you own drugs

  • Over 7 different strains

  • Various gang owneable drug activities

  • over 400 custom tuned cars and over 50 custom with more each week

  • Play arcade games

  • Phone with app store,games and more

  • Npcs with daily events

  • Seasonal content - halloween, christmas etc

  • Hunting

  • Farming

  • Seed to plate ingredient systems and features (still WIP)

  • Daily rewards and season pass

  • Drifting, Racing, Boosting and trucking tablets with leagues and progression systems

  • And so much more

Come visit us today




To celebrate where we are now and the stage in our development, we offer you all to come check out the city, there is no requirements other than visiting the website and checking our rules and then joining the discord and reacting to the announcement post to get instant access to the IRP preview week. We hope you enjoy the server and will look to stay following the reactivation of the whitelist next week !!!

Links in the post above

This is a great server to come and RP on not only do they include people new to Rp the player base that’s already in there are willing to help out as well, There are so many things to do within the server from civ work which is a big focus to also doing crime when you choose to. Personally for me been in the server for so long and seeing the way it has improved and continues to improve i personally cannot wait to see the final product although i know it will forever be evolving putting its player base first and foremost which is something ive not seen much in recent times.

Thank you for the kind comments, we truly are trying to grow based on feedback from players, we have a vision and end goal however we made sure we included listening to the player base as an integeral part of that. so thank you and hope you continue to enjoy your time here.


Added a new paintball system - (pug-paintball)
Updated police and added a multidepartment to make way for detectives and CSI teams
Updated evidence system
2 new police cars, 1 new ambulance and 1 new police helicopter

Still a few days left of our server preview, no application needed just a single reaction in one of our discord posts and your in, explore look around and try our server then if you like it fill in the beta app to maintain access when we close our doors to applications again !!!

Constantly updating and changing with more and more active everyday, Will you be the next hit in IRP !!!

After a successful 1st week we have decided to continue for a short period of 0 application please see the latest announcements in the discord, including us removing the time requirements for being a beta member.

A few new updates to the server including new car handling testing and more, also we still have 0 whitelist right now, so come check us out before you apply. just grab your tag in the discord and play instantly !!!