IntrepidRP [In Need of Developer(s)]





We are a small team with over 23 years of combined roleplaying experience amongst us all put together and we all have the same goal - creating a roleplaying environment that is enjoyable, accessible and most importantly - fair for everyone .

Each of us have all held a administrative or leadership role within popular roleplaying servers in the past (servers dating all the way back to the beginning of GTA RP on VC all the way to now) which has given us an in-depth understanding of all aspects within roleplay - civilian, legal, illegal and government. No matter what server, one thing has always been persistent; no community was able to continuously fulfill the three goals stated above. This eventually led us to come together and form a community of our own.



Creating the ideal roleplaying environment which will appeal to everyone and all sides which will take time and feedback - this is why we have gone public quite early in development; to build from the ground up based on community feedback in order to ensure we create the ideal server filled with features, rules and guidelines dictated by the community. At the end of the day it is you who’ll be primarily playing and on the end of everything, not us. By removing the bureaucracy that most other communities revolve around, we’re creating something that is built by the players themselves to ensure we stick to the right path and work from ideas and suggestions that the players have approved of.

We aim to be a Realistic roleplaying server, enforcing the highest levels of immersion, roleplaying rules and at the same time, maintaining a high level of enjoyability. We feel that roleplaying nowadays has lost its touch with what it used to be years ago, a sort of grounds where you could come online, play with friends, build up what you desire or play any role within roleplay and enjoy doing it - whereas now it seems to be is competition, cops versus robbers and all about winning.



There have been numerous communities that crumbled because of lack of attention given to a certain part of development or a feature, and that’s why working without a deadline and at our own pace gave us the opportunity to work on features more thoroughly and in-depth. We’ve seen this in the past from other communities that have failed as a result of increasing desire and pressure to launch an unfinished server.

We have devoted a great deal of our time to not only development but also to research what players expect from a server and how to improve from the mistakes of other communities, overall creating a more enjoyable experience. A substantial part of the process we need to go through is not only reducing the internal bureaucracy of the staff, or ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities, but also the experience of not being restricted by the server’s script capabilities.



irptext will be developing some of the following! (We don’t want to give too much away!)

  • Multi-Faction System: Players will be allowed to be in 2 factions at a time such as Police & a Motorcycle Club Faction. Factions will also be given sub-divisions!
  • A realistic non RPG like Job System. NO TWO JOBS ARE THE SAME!
  • A slot based 3D inventory system where you can allow more room in your inventory if you get a backpack or duffel bag! (This will coincide with vehicles.)
  • A suppression System to make firefights even more realistic and intense. (Such as your screen getting a little blurry/shaking when under heavy fire.)
  • An in-depth weapon system which will utilize realistic weapons and attachments!
  • Interior System: Allows you to enter an interior without any delay or lag! A lot of interiors will be available but, you can also request for us to create one if there isn’t one at a house or property you want!
  • An MDC/T System that integrates with both a dispatch & a web-interface, allowing easy callsign distribution as well as dispatching and accessing of reports! (In-game)
    (We have yet to even scratch the surface of the scripts we want to make. With your help and the help of the community we can truly create a unique RP experience!)

All things bulleted are subject to change entirely due to community feedback or developer’s changing their mind.



Development is a process that requires a lot of decisions to be made. An ideal community can only be built up when ideas and decisions are put into discussions - the best way to do is to hear everyone out, the whole community. We want to make roleplaying enjoyable for everyone, in all areas, fields and roles of roleplay.

The reason we are publicizing the community rather early in development is for the sake of determining important decisions and features which will be utilized by the players for months to come. Each month we will be posting what progress has been made, constantly be creating surveys and initiating discussions regarding what features we need to pursue in order to satisfy every kind of player. We urge you to contribute to discussions and to make your opinion heard, everything is equally considered. The community will pave the road ahead.

If you possess programming skills that you believe are of use to us, we always appreciate and urge developers willing to dedicate themselves to this project to join our discord: ( and speak with Zakuulan OR just add Zakuulan#0399 on Discord! Keep in mind that we have a very high standard that we maintain throughout development in order to reach the perfect balance of performance and enjoyability.

We urge all newcomers with roleplaying experience to start a discussion or introduce themselves within the community or give us feedback regarding our ideas! When you’ve gotten comfortable, send us your suggestions and what you want to see in the server.

Let’s make something great together.
Thanks for reading!

NOTE: If it wasn’t implied anywhere… this is going to be a completely custom & unique framework/script from the ground up. Nothing taken/borrowed from anywhere! (You can reach me @Zakuulan#0399 or join the Discord in the “Developed By You” category.)

Why should a developer come to you instead of another person that has provided more detail and we know a little more about?


Why are you shaming him because he wants devs to make a custom server without using released mods??


Woah! Don’t start anything. It’s a solid question!

That’s not what I said. I said “Why should a developer come to you instead of another person that has provided more detail and we know a little more about?” That’s not ‘shaming him’. That’s a statement asking why another dev should choose him over another of the many people that made bazaar posts asking for devs…


I mean he put what he wanted he didn’t need someone to come on his post to say why should someone come to you I mean he put what he would like they can message him for further info if they want it.

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He aint shaming he is just asking a question for why should devs choose him over other servers.

It’s called “constructive criticism”.

When I was looking (not anymore, working on my own server atm) for server to develop on, it’s always nice to read about those promises of “greatest offer, RP and community you can find”, but that’s just vague. This is what 95% of other serve owner say. Thus nothing special on first sight for me as a dev looking for work.

If server owners would at least make that work and expand on their “job adverts”, so their potential devs can see those owners are really trying to get someone else’s attention with actual content (at least written) and core (and unique-ish) ideas.

Can everyone just stop complaining! I like feedback!

If you consider feedback and general advice from actual developer as complaining and trash talk, then good luck with finding a decent dev for your server :joy:


I’m not the one complaining or arguing with anyone. I’m figuring you aren’t talking to me. Criticism is good!

Revamped the entirety of this thread to inform the FiveM community as well as revamped it to portray our community! Thanks for reading!

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honestly I agree with what you are saying here, TOO MANY servers are like “we are looking for devs to help us” but have 0 clue what they actually want from their devs, IDK why everyone else gotta make a massive deal over it XD

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I’m not sure why either but, this pertains to the original post over a month ago. Let’s focus on the new one! Thanks!


To my knowledge, most “free” devs are already busy or taken by other projects. Monetary or other “rewards” for devs would raise your chances of finding one by a huge margin.

P.S. Dunno if FiveM’s ToS allows you to pay devs, but I think there shouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately the reason I haven’t mentioned anything of that sort is due to it not being allowed here on the forums.

Hello, feel free to contact me, I do vehicle designs (Non Emergency), Map building, custom built buildings, map retexturing and little coding. DIscord: Sam Delaney#8534