Interior Designers Needed | A New Take On FiveM RP

Putting together a team of trustworthy developers and admins to get this server off the ground. Looking for as much commitment as possible here If you think that would suit you, continue reading :grin:

Keeping this one close to the chest as I believe it will provide a fresh experience for all that love RP both active and passive.

If you have experience making custom interiors to a high standard or developing scripts I would be very eager to speak about working together.

If you don’t have much experience but want to help anyway, please register your interest so we can work something out.

I would also ask those with a positive attitude and excellent grammar to come forward as I intend on having a strong social media presence as well as active Moderators which don’t fall into the “find out in RP” trope.

Much appreciated, look forward to hearing from you all :blush:

Discord: sin#2252


Bump #1, great place, working on so much right now, opportunities still available, take em’ while they’re here.

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Bump :sweat_smile:

still need?

Yes, please message me on Discord!

Focusing on interior designers now, get in touch!

bump :blush: