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Intense Gaming was founded in 2014 in SA-MP (San Andreas MultiPlayer). At the time, our server ran strong with well over 100+ members daily. After a few years, the administration team felt the community needed a change of scenery and migrated to MTA (Mult-Theft Auto) in 2018. Due to personal reasons with the owners, the community was officially shut down in 2020. Now, IntenseGaming returns to FiveM with a vengence to reclaim it’s status as one of the most popular English roleplay servers known to FiveM. Of course, we know this will take time, however, we will not allow anything to stop us from our journey to the top.

Currently, we are fresh to FiveM, therefor, we haven’t yet established a playerbase. We are just now getting our feet wet and opening our server to the public. We’ve been non-stop beta-testing for weeks and working on new developments to release in the near future. We have a dedicated development team that is constantly checking/fixing/or implementing new things to the server. With development like this, we could be seeing some incredible things come to life in FiveM very soon.

Our server is a NoPixel inspired framework. However, with several changes and new features being implemented in the next server release, our server will not resemble any that you have seen before. We decided to use NoPixel as our influence as it is not only everyone’s favorite framework, but also the most popular. We also wanted to give players the comfort and enjoyment of something familiar with the twist of uniqueness as well. The only things we’re missing is YOU!!

Intense Roleplay (IGCRP) is a new upcoming server with plenty of room for growth and development.

Do you enjoy being a part of a COMMUNITY and not just a server? Do you appreciate being a part of a team that listens, pays attention to detail down to the smallest thing, and includes everyone, even the little guy? Then Intense is the place for you. A lot of time has gone in to beta testing this server. As well as, countless hours of development for new features. The only thing we need now is people like YOU!

Houses wherever you want. Our dynamic housing system allows the creation of houses wherever the citizen chooses to live. This will allow for more personalization of each individual and life-style they choose to have.

Businesses owned/managed by players. Each with it’s own interiors and features. Each business will contain its own stock of inventory. This will allow the businesses to continue running and selling products even when the owner is out of the city.

White Widow:

Best Buds

Irish Pub

Red Circle Nightclub

Galaxy Nightclub

Bean Machine


Pizza This

uWu Cafe

Tuner Shop

LS Customs

Intense idolizes the realistic concept of grinding for items and vehicles which brings balance to the economy. This helps to make it so that players will value their decision making when it comes to buying their first vehicle/house/business/etc.

All of our emergency services are held to the highest standard. Being equipped with in-depth SOPs for each department and serious training for all members. All our LEOs are trained to react using a force of action policy. This means that every LEO responds differently depending on the force of action required to get the subject to cooperate. Our policy prevents a “cops VS robbers” style server. All our LEO RP is strictly monitored/critiqued for realism and professionalism.

Our LEO services consist of:

LSPD – Each officer gets their own personal vehicle assigned specifically to their badge numbers. Training is done by in a classroom on discord as well as in-game. This gives the officers in-depth training and show the seriousness that we have for professional RP from our law enforcement. Did I mention that some training will also be provided via an IRL Deputy? That’s right, we have real law enforcement role-playing as law enforcement in our server as well.

EMS – Full training provided with numerous vehicles to meet the demands of the city.


We are currently recruiting for all our emergency services.

White Listed Jobs
We have tons of jobs with professionally run departments including Police, Mechanics, EMS and others. Each of these departments is professionally structured with in depth SOPs for those wanting serious LEO/Medical Roleplay. Start your training, work hard, join a specialist department or simply rise through the ranks. Your career path is endless.

Illegal Activities.
Selling drugs, Street racing, Gang activities, Intense RP features tons of ways to dabble in the crime life. Join an established street gang or start your own. All gangs come with a gang house and bank account to keep track of your criminal empire. If you prefer to work alone, you can rob houses, rob banks, rob other civilians or shops whatever suits your fancy. We also have a number of different drugs for you to manufacture/sell/or distribute.

The Honest Man
We have an advanced fishing simulation with depths, hooks, baits, lures or hunting if you fancy yourself of a more outdoor person. You can also head to the City Hall and find a list of jobs to start instantly from towing to being a taxi driver, in Intense you’ll never be broke.

Our Team/Staff
Intense RP is professionally ran with full time staff both in server and on Discord so you will never feel alone. All our staff are friendly and whether you are new to RP or a seasoned professional we will help you to get the best experience we can. Our developers are constantly adding/changing things making sure that everything we have/do is up to date and fully optimized meaning best player experience. Our developer pays attention to detail down to the smallest picture so that everything looks neat and not out of place.

Some of our other features include:
• Custom Cars
• Fishing with an advanced fishing script
• Customizable Housing
• Car Tuning
• Unique drugs and breaking down of drugs
• Scuba Diving
• Hunting
• Unique Tattoos
• Custom Race System
• Casino - Play blackjack and roulette to bank some serious cash quick
• Scrap yard - Scrapping cars
• Car Rental
• Leisure shop
• Ragdoll System


Your journey begins now. Join Intense RP today and experience a community like no other.




IntenseGaming has been hard at work implementing new features, maps, bug-fixes, etc into the server. We’ve recently added a bunch of new mapping and custom vehicles to PD. We’ve even added new jobs and character creation items for players to customize their character even further and be more immersive. We are continuing to build the server every-day even if it’s just a little bit. Below is our most recent changelog to show the progress we’ve established in just the past few days:

  • Added multi-job system allowing players to switch between jobs
  • Added functionality to casino allowing players to purchase chips and gamble for chances to win
  • Added custom tattoo shops to the server allowing for further character customization
  • Added Luxart light control system, adding more realism for LEO code3 situations
  • Removed several blacklisted vehicles from the dealership
  • Added new mapping for PD
    Plus much more.

Come check us out today to see all the great features we have to offer you and become a part of a FAMILY! Not just another community.

*New PD vehicles have been added for LEO
*New PD Interior
*Custom PD Functions within PD (E.x: Personal Lockers, Armory depending on RANK, dispatch system, and more)
*Custom Maps added for TunerShop/Bennys/Prison/and more
*More optimizations added to help control FPS drops

Our development team has been extremely busy trying to bring you the best of the best. With constant bug-fixes and new features being added all the time, IntenseGaming has something to offer for everyone. Whether you choose to be a Civ/LEO/or some other role, we’ve got features pertaining specifically to you.

Here are some of the most recent updates for version 1.8:

  • Better maps added throughout San Andreas
  • Advanced fighting system replacing the default GTAV fighting system
  • An AI mechanic system allowing players to call for a mechanic when no CIV is online
  • An AI medic system which dispatched a paramedic to the player’s location in case no EMS is online
  • Lottery Scratch Card system added allowing players a chance to win some money from the 24/7
  • Advanced mechanic system added for more in-depth auto-repair
  • Mining job added
  • Custom recycling system added that allows players to sell materials to earn quick cash.
  • Custom Pubs added to give players a place to drink and relax with buddies
  • Advanced Money Laundering system added that allows players to rack in money without the constant grind
  • Advanced Vehicle control system; giving complete control over one’s vehicle
  • Custom DJ system allowing players to DJ using IRL youtube links
  • Dumpster diving system that allows players to search trash for valuable items
  • Advanced fishing system/job that allows players to fish/sell their catches
  • Gang stashes have been added allowing for gang to store their illegal items instead of being caught with possession
  • New Drug lab system added for more in-depth drug manufacturing
  • Tac Delivery job added to help restock local taco businesses
  • Police radar and plater reader added for LEO
  • Weed farm that will assist with the weed smuggling features
  • Updated inventory system to include more items
  • Fixed several bug with the weapon system deleting players’ owned ammo/weapons\
  • Updated Audio SFX files bringing better audio sounds to the game
  • And much more

Stay safe on the streets of San Andreas and we hope to see you soon!

  • Over 20 interiors have been added
  • More vehicles have been added to both PDM and Lux Dealership
  • Several new jobs including mining, recycling, aircraft delivery, etc
  • New Police Departments and Sheriff Department have been added
  • Fire Department have been added (still under development)
  • Several new items added to player inventory
  • Customizable police vehicles have been created
  • Several bug fixes have been implemented
  • And much much more

Come join us today and check out all the new features we have to offer!

4/8/2022 –

–Player Owned Businesses
– White Widow
– Best Buds
– Irish Pub
– Red Circle Nightclub
– Galaxy Nightclub
– Tequilala
– Bean Machine (Legion Square)
– Burgershot
– Pizza This (Gabz)
– uWu Cafe (Gabz)
– Harmony Mechanic Shop
– Benny’s
– Tuner Shop (Gabz)
– LS Customs
– Mechanic Script to actually roleplay fixing vehicles instead of using a menu
– Sell Items from your business while out of the city (just keep it stocked)
– MLO Homes for purchase in game
– 33 different interiors for houses that you “enter”
– Additional Starter Jobs: Electrician, Vineyard Picker, Deliver packages with aircraft or helicopter
– Coke and weed runs: Head out of the city to get bricks of products to bring back and process
– LSD, Ecstacy, Crack all in city with effects
– Custom weed growing system, indoors and outdoors
– Robberies that actually pay out well for the risk!
– More to come…

IntenseRP is currently looking to hire more LEO and EMS. We also are needing some criminal civs too. Join us on discord to claim your position.

IntenseGaming is also looking to hire more staff. However, we will be hiring from internally until further notice. You can apply for this as well by speaking to a higher ranking supervisor using our CoC.

Check us out today and begin your journey…

IntenseGaming is looking for new member to assist in the development of promotional videos. We are looking for members of all departments. We are hoping to capture the largest RP that Intense has ever seen. The following departments are needed desperately for the video:

*Vehicle Dealers

We are hoping to record the video this weekend. Join us today and be a part of this exquisite opportunity.

We’ll see you on the streets of Los Santos




Now recruiting new staff members!!!

Many new MLOs Added!

  • [NEW] Townhall (Courthouse included)
  • [NEW] Otto’s Autos
  • [NEW] Fleeca Banks
  • [NEW] Casino
  • Several updates to existing MLOs

Many bug Fixes have been implemented into this new update aswell. This should help with the frame-loss that user have been experiencing.

Also, IntenseGaming is still looking for new staff members for anyone looking to join a close-knit team. If you like to be a part of a FAMILY and not just another group, then WE WANT YOU!

Join us today to take advantage of all the great things IntenseGaming has been working on recently!

IntenseGaming has new positions availble. Now hiring new department members for LEO. As well as look for more crime syndicates. Join us today to find out more!

Still looking for new leaders and officers. We have plenty of positions still available. Join us today on Discord to find out how to apply for these positions. THEY ARE ALMOST GUARANTEED!!!

Exciting things are happening for IntenseGaming. We have launched our new cad system, as well as, a new FIVEPD server. Join us today on discord if you’d be interested in becoming a dispatcher or an officer in our FIVEPD server. We looking forward to welcoming you to the team.