Integrity Roleplay | Whitelisted | Looking For Police, Civilians & Fire/EMS | 75+ Custom Cars | Serious RP

We are Integrity Roleplay, a community that was founded in late 2019, we have opened & closed a few times now for various reasons but we’re back as of November 2023. This time around we’ve decided to do things quite a bit different than before, we’ve learned from our mistakes and have left them in the past and wish to grow as a community.

We are a whitelisted vMenu server, we believe that FiveM should be a game that people can hop on and have fun without having to grind for hours on end to even make a name for themselves in a community, we believe there should be a good balance between a video game and a serious rp server. Countless hours have been put into developing our server and we’re constantly updating and adding scripts, vehicles & more in to ensure a variety of things are available to our members.

Discord Link: IntegrityRP

We are a whitelisted server meaning there is an application to join, but up until January 1st, 2024 you can just join and make a ticket within the discord to join the server! We offer departments such as Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, Civilian Operations & more to come! You can join as law enforcement and keep the streets of San Andreas safe and keep the peace, join Fire & Rescue and save many lives and help out people in their time of need or you can join Civilian Operations and climb the ranks to gain access to a whole new list of advance rp permissions your average member does not have!

If you’re interested in joining, click the discord link above! Thank you all.

  • Community Owner, Garett L.