Installing Mods - Stream OVC File?

Are .rar files supported within the Stream folder? I’m trying to get certain vehicles and unable to get them to work. Some download as OVC files but I believe only .yft .ytd .ydd .ymt (etc) files only.

Specifically, there’s a police mod PACK I want to use that I’ve seen in other servers but can’t get it to work. Advice?

OVC? Do you mean OIV? If so, that’s an install package for OpenIV. You can just unarchive it the same way you would a RAR & use the files inside.

yes using open iv unpack the files and you stream the upacked files as you would with a car or bed models. you can not stream the actual openiv package file

Just install lthe OIV file into a folder, then go into that folder in Open IV and take the files you need out.

@Ryan11444 no need to install in a folder, right-click open with Winzip, or name extention to .zip