Installing map with dlc.prf and props

Hello, thanks for reading my topic, can someone tell me how to do that with that map?

What I made is and __resource.lua with the load of ytyp file who load props.


And I put all to an stream folder and start the map but have a lot of bugs in textures… And the stream limit is bypassed:

[ citizen-server-impl] Asset Tokyo/mode_gakuen_tower.ytd uses 33.6 MiB of physical memory.
[ citizen-server-impl] Asset Tokyo/shinjuku.ytd uses 219.0 MiB of physical memory. Oversized assets can and WILL lead to streaming issues (models not loading/rendering, commonly known as ‘texture loss’, ‘city bug’ or ‘streaming isn’t great’).
[ citizen-server-impl] Asset Tokyo/yoyogi_kaikan.ytd uses 37.0 MiB of physical memory.
[ citizen-server-impl] Started resource Tokyo

It’s possible to optimize? Like split an car YTD file…

And my stream folder:

But the textures change every time I move the camera:

How to solve / repair that? What I made wrong… Originally this map comes inside a dlc.prf with content.xml, setup2.xml, metas.prf and props.prf.

I don’t know what I have to do with the content and setup xml… Sorry for anything and thanks for everyone who see that and help me…

Now I splited the big YTD in OIV (DDS > New YTD) and gtxd.meta but still not working the texture only four or five builds but the rest of the map won’t load textures… My gtxd.meta looks ok:

FiveM say now my splited files use 30mb± but I select a group of random DDS with not more than 15mb.

have you tried to declare the files

like this


data_file "DLC_ITYP_REQUEST" "file1.ytyp"
data_file "DLC_ITYP_REQUEST" "file2.ytyp"
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I will try again, sorry for the late reply

resource_manifest_version '44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937'

this_is_a_map 'yes'


data_file "DLC_ITYP_REQUEST" "shinjuku_props.ytyp"