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Here is our background as to who we are and why we started this project in the first place, We are a small team of a few friends that have been playing FiveM for years only to realize that the servers we have played and tested didn’t meet our standards to how we saw FiveM Roleplay. So we decided to make our own city, taking all that we have learned and all that we enjoyed and putting it all into one well working fine tuned machine. We have been working on a well balanced realistic economy along with Handled Tuned Vehicles, Drugs, Boosting, Housing with Furnishing, Whitelisted and Non Whitelisted Work, Heists, Robberies, Weapons and More! We want you to be able to enjoy any state of life your character chooses whether that is a life full of crime and risk or a safer more relaxed life style of Fishing with friends to Sky Diving! One thing we are really working to achieve is to make your choices based off of what you enjoy doing while steering away from making choices based on what job pay’s the most. One way we are doing this is by making the job you do the most continue to pay you more and maybe gain some increased rewards!


● Realistic and Balanced Economy
● Player Owned Businesses
● Custom Clothing
● Custom Vehicles
● Unique Heists / Robberies
● Housing System
● Furnishable Apartments
● Blueprint Crafting System
● Sanitation
● Taxi
● Hunting
● Fishing
● Diving
● Delivery Driver
● Mining
● Drugs
● Active Development

Whitelisted Jobs:

● Los Santos Police Department
● Los Santos Medical Services
● Department of Justice
● Benny’s
● Tuner
● Haye’s
● Vanilla Unicorn
● Bahama Mama’s
● Clucken Bell
● Burgershot
● Uwu Cafe
● White Widow
● Dynasty 8

More Available each week!

Illegal Jobs:
Progressive Illegal Activities (to Keep things fresh and exciting)
● House Robberies
● Weed and Other Drug’s
● Store Robberies
● Bank Robberies
● Vehicle Boosting
● VAR Heist
● Weapon Heist

Weekly releases!

More About Our Server

Requesting a gang This is all you need, no payment required! Once accepted you are free to run your gang the way you please!
Realistic Economy Prices are more normalized and realistic, no one is walking around with 10’s of millions!
Player Owned Businesses Most of these businesses for now are all looking for owners!
Custom Clothing Custom Male and Female body types and clothing!
Criminal Activities These involve washing money, bank robberies, heists, weed and other products to produce and sell with lots more to come!
Realistic vehicle The handling speeds are perfectly balanced for racing or your daily cruise!
Multiple Government Departments Our PD has been spread across the Los Santos area to keep the city safe wherever you may travel!
Launching with an abundance of activities Multiple to choose from and learn about. Casino and extra activities will be slowly introduced to keep a steady flow of new content with something new right around the corner!
Imported vehicles and other player cosmetics These will be another way you can show up to that car meet or party in style and out shine the competition! All of our vehicles are also Lore Friendly!


Gangs are free to form! All of our gangs are run by the player base so whatever you choose to run whether it be drugs, guns or a specific area are run by you and your gang not by the server. If you want to charge extra for drugs you sell to other players or keep a rival gang out of a know drug affiliated location then have fun! We are not gonna tell you how to run your gang or the streets! We also are making sure all gangs are on the same playing field! [Not one gang will run a certain product/weapon]

You can also put a request in for custom gang clothing or even a custom gang hideout where you can plan your next heist or just host a party and advertise your new product hitting the streets!

Job Level System

Job Level System

Jobs you work for a long enough time will start to pay more and even bring you extra rewards! With this system in place we can allow players to choose the job they enjoy and make more money doing it all the while giving you a reason to try other jobs! Reaching the further ranks in a job may give you some spicy new information or even ways to make even more money!

Join us for an exhilarating journey ahead!


Update: Looking for LEO High Command + DOJ Chief Of Justice

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This server looks awesome, I’m excited. Going to join the discord and be on the look out for updates.

DOJ sounds interesting for sure! Might take a look at that or even being LEO :open_mouth:

Most promising server I’ve seen so far, lot’s of things listed in their discord that are in city

Update: Still looking for Chief Role for PD, Needing High Command for PD and EMS Jobs

Updating: Fishing Added more to come!

I joined the discord, teasers looking great. Wondering are you guys still looking for EMS high command?

Were looking for testers soon, be on the lookout! Excited to see you all there!

Announcement of release date coming soon! Get ready!

LSPD, DOJ, and Dynasty 8 are still looking for people to run them. Feel free to join the disc and apply and we will reach out!

Most jobs are set and ready, Only a few more things and finalizations!