I’m getting this error when loading into my own server, and my friends have got it as well. So far the only way around it is to reinstall FR everytime I get the error. Reinstalling FR 4+ times a day is not logical just to be able to play it. Anyone know what is causing this, and possibly a fix for it?

Both client, server and GTA are the latest versions. No mods, scripts, ect. installed.

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Not sure we’ve been getting the same with multiple members of the group, not sure what went wrong with this update but it went REALLY wrong. Hopefully we can see a fix soon.

i got that error using the whitelist script and like cmdprocessor

@GanjaMonster I don’t have a whitelist script in my auto start resources (couldn’t get it to work properly after the “steam integration” update so I removed it).

@deziel0495 it could be another resource doing it like freeroam maybe i had issues with that lately too

@GanjaMonster Not sure what is causing it, but I hope it’s fixed soon.

for me the whitelist was causing the timeout

put in : FiveM\citizen\common\data

This was not the issue. Whatever it was, was fixed in the next FiveM update after posting.