Infinite Social Club Loading Screen

Gta V Version: 1.0.791.2
Up To Date: Yes
Legit Copy
Steam Version
–pic is too large but its an infinite loading screen on Social club
Gta V Folder

FiveReborn Client Folde

Citizen Fx Log

Dont see dmp files

What I have tried:
-Followed all instuctions
-Installed Visual studio 2015
-Ran Compatability mode win8
-Run as an administrater
-I have a windows 10
-Still stuck in in social club screen

   -Anyone Please Help

Verified your game files through steam?

yes sir I have already verified the files

All looks legit, are you able to play GTA V itself ?
Did you try to manually re-install Social Club?

Yes I just now played gta v itself and that works and uninstalled and reinstalled social club and it still does not work and FiveReborn still has the infinite loading screen. I dont know what to do now?

Any more Ideas?

If steam is running, then close it.
Try that :smiley:

Closing steam didn’t make any difference :frowning:

Same issues here man

I see steam still running in that screenshot @HonestSoldierz

This was when I first started doing it

perhaps msg me, and we can compare pcs? and maybe figure something out?

steam is not opened and is not in the task manager

@HonestSoldierz Could you come join the discord, so we can chat better.

@HonestSoldierz yeah were on there discussing it