Infinite loading screen after connecting to server

I have a fresh install of GTA 5 , reinstalled FiveReborn twice , but still getting infinite loading screen on any server I try to connect…I’ve tried anything that I could from searching the forum but nothing seems to work.I’ve had no problems with the installation of FiveReborn , no errors and nothing , just infinite loading , I can hear the sounds in-game and see the chat for 2-3 seconds but then it dissapears and it shows just the loading screen.

i have same problem too thinking it might be something to do with windows 10 and AMD cards?

You got a pirate copy like the rest of us?

The problem is not from AMD or Windows faults , I solved it by downloading every dlc from the internet and placing them in Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks.Now I can connect to any server and play without problems , and yes , i have a pirate copy.