Infinite City Roleplay🔷NOW OPEN - $10k Starting Cash - Semi-Serious RP | Hiring: POLICE EMS FIRE | Custom Vehicles WEAPON + DRUG CRAFTING -- ALL NEW

:rotating_light: Grand Opening of ICRP - Your New FiveM Adventure! :rotating_light:

Are you ready to dive into a brand new FiveM Server? Join us at ICRP for the ultimate role-playing adventure! Our server is now open to the public, and we can’t wait to see you there.

:star2: Why ICRP?

Semi-Realistic Roleplay: Immerse yourself in a world that’s realistic but still fun!
Balanced Economy: Enjoy a fair and engaging economic system that rewards your efforts.
Diverse Civilian Jobs: Not interested in a life of crime? We have many civilian jobs available for you to explore.
Gangs and Drugs: For those seeking excitement, get involved in the underground scene and make your way to the top.

:oncoming_police_car:Now Hiring:fire_engine:
We’re looking for dedicated players to join our ranks in:

San Andreas State Troopers (SAST) 14+ ICRP SAST Application
San Andreas Medical (SAM) 14+ ICRP SAM Application

:link: Don’t Miss Out!
Join us for the grand opening and be part of a thriving community from the start.

Ready to make your mark? ICRP is the place to be!

Join ICRP now and start your adventure!